The next premium flagship title of Assassin’s Creed is in Japan. It means that Assassin’s Creed, set in Japan, is not an abduction, such as Valhalla, which deals with the ancient Greek Odyssey and the Viking era.

The new Assassin’s Creed on the Japanese stage came out on the 11th through the Ubisoft forward-Assassin’s 15th anniversary showcase. Ubisoft will launch the series simultaneously, starting with the 15th anniversary event. Assassin’s Creed Mirage, which deals with the past of Passim, who appeared in Valhalla, and an open world mobile game in the background of ancient China in the code name here that conveys a different atmosphere from the existing series, to another mobile game for Netflix subscribers to expand the franchise to expand the franchise Raise the heat.

Among them, the center is the code name red. In Japan, Shinobi, also known as a ninja against the background of the shogunate rule, is a new assassination. The teaser video released can also be found in Japan’s high castles, ninja, smoke bombs, and the troops that protrude from the inside of the left hand.

It may be significant that the assassination is moving to Asia in the official series, not the abduction, but I am envious of the passing. I imagined what if that stage was not Japan, but Korea.

Ubisoft has dealt with the game, as well as the French Revolution of the headquarters, as well as the American Independence War, the UK after the Industrial Revolution, and the ancient Egyptians, Greece, and Vikings, where myths were closer to life.

In terms of the series, the medieval feudal agent Japan has a good environment to make use of the features of Assassin’s Creed. As it came from the teaser, the castle, which was built by the local daimyo, starts from the national era, and unlike the Korean performance surrounding the walls, it is easy to keep the military facilities and palace of Daimyo. Aside from the utility part, its height and structure are appropriate for Assassin’s Creed, where high structures are important.

However, Assassin’s Creed adds to the RPG concept, and the importance of height has been relatively low. Except for Origin’s pyramids and Odyssey’s giant statues, there were more height implementation by climbing natural environment than artificial structures. Valhalla had a wide flat and only two-story high structure. If you draw in moderation, it is also possible to see the Korean assassin, which rides on the Ghana Mountain rock wall around the crypt and hermitage, leaves the scenery, leaves trust, or walks on the roof.

Of course, the environmental factor is not just made Japan in the background of the Assassin’s Creed main title. The more important factor that Japan chosen as a stage is sufficient box office

As mentioned in the showcase, the Assassin’s Creed on the background of the Japanese background was a great era with a voice expected in the Western community. It is directly or indirectly tied to the Main War, and today’s historical relationships are relatively lowered in Korea, but in Japan’s national era, the tribe is an attractive story.

The national era is an era of Shogun, who lost power, as in China’s main division, and many local militaryungs on behalf of their place. And this national era is attracting attention in the Western region because of the effect of popular culture and the image based on this period. Won Mosul’s relationship between Daimyo, or armor wearing armor, has become a more familiar image than China in the West.

The Do Shogunate, which leads to the national era, is a new era that connects the national era, and the reviews accept many Western literature and contain the turbulence that leads to Meiji Restoration. I don’t know exactly when code name Red will deal with it, but it’s time to tie up the fiction of historical facts and assassination at any time.

And this period is more valuable than a simple historical record because it is combined with movies, animations, games, etc., and the weight as a creation according to the record is more than the historical facts.

In the national era, which deals with various daimyo and armed stories, and the fall of samurai, the Do period was used not only in historical dramas but also from action movies to comic cartoons.

There was a lot of use in the game. Nonage’s ambitions, which are still positive with the elements and systems different from the Three Kingdoms, are history simulations representing Goa, and the national match and the Basra series have been exaggerated to enhance the characters of the characters. Based on the images seen in the Western region, there were also tactical games such as Shogun: Total War (Total War: Shogun 2) and Shadow Tactics.

For those who are not familiar with world history, even if they are not Japanese, they have enough opportunities to accept short stories of Japanese history as a game. In other words, when the historical time and case can be made to make a fun game, the history of Japan has a success **.

Of course, Korea also tried to put history in the medium of game. LIM Intro, who had been complied with domestic RTS, expanded the game stage as it led to the colossus. There is also a thousand years of myths on the Three Kingdoms period. In recent years, however, historical-based games have more weight in history. It is hard to find an example of using our history and culture as an interesting material to focus on informing the history itself.

When dealing with history in the mass media, cooking is quite important. In particular, movies that use history widely from blockbusters to documentaries make it clearer. You can concentrate on the actual history of the history, but creation is also applied based on some historical records. Lee Junk reflects the historical facts in the play through ‘Dongle’ and ‘Park Yell’. On the other hand, ‘good guy, bad guy, strange guy’ captured the western drama wisely based on the historical background.

It is entirely up to the crew to choose which part of historical events and records, and what to pick up and melt into the pole. And that’s the box office that such a choice will be brought in a movie that can’t be talked about after removing the commercial part. In other words, it is recorded as a successful film that the audience can fully accept and understand it.

The game is similar. Assassin’s Create is a series of historical transformation, which has a virtual existence of assassin throughout the core of the history of history. However, a myriad of efforts to implement the times are revealed in the game, and the Discovery Tour, which is used as a learning material, is now one of the key elements of the series.

Kirk, the main character of the series, was renowned for the early and late Era of the Gumbo Miyamoto, and the dragon, which was changed to Nakamoto Roma, who had a great influence on modern Japan. Japan, such as the ‘National Warriors’ series, which depicts Odd Nonage, who has changed the trend of the times, describes the ‘National Warriors’ series, which is described as a demon king who sang itself. And interesting historical materials are steadily increasing the number, as in the film.

Games with artistry are also important, but games with great commercially are also cultured. It also plays a role in informing the world by replacing the culture with fun. Japan has been faithfully continuing its efforts.

In recent years, however, it has been difficult to make Korean history into games. It is difficult to choose the right content to make games based on historical facts, but this is why people and organizations that are intertwined with various historical events and interests cannot easily continue the historical reconstruction challenge.In Assassin’s Creed, Washington is possible to become the owner of the absolute monarchy of England and tyranny, but is it possible to be a person in Korean history. The role of the creator of historical cooking choice is denied.

There is no historical-based game that has been proven, so of course, the production of large game companies is slow. There are countless games of the Three Kingdoms Delay based on the history of China, but the historical-based game is only one of the indie developers. The barriers to the country have disappeared in the service, but there is no game to inform our history abroad. At the same time, there is a degree to move the positive figure of Netflix drama Kingdom to the game.

If we can’t go out of ourselves for fun games, not games for history, fans have no choice but to look at the Asian historical-based games with Japan and China as one option. And nothing can be done except waiting for overseas developers to choose our history.

If there is no effort to spread the charm of Korean history in the creation story commemorating the 15th anniversary of Assassin’s Creed, it is not just the charm of us.