In spite of everything that has happened in Microsoft development studies, the new Perfect Dark under the mantle of The Initiative continues its development course since it was announced in the year 2020 . And while rumors of a cancellation have emerged, those responsible for the project claim that things are going very well in the rhythm.

Even Matt Booty , head of the internal studies of Microsoft , comments that this reboot has cinematographic influences, specifically the Bourne and James Bond case, so there will be action of Spices, mystery and a little more with this inspiration.

This is what he commented:

We are working on the reboot very carefully. Some things have not aged well, right? The manager insists on this idea of taking care of the movements well, although he does not keep his words to describe his enthusiasm about the franchise, ensuring that the authors of his have in the Bourne and James Bond case two of the sources of inspiration of inspiration of inspiration the.

According to The Initiative and its special collaborators, Crystal Dynamics , the project promises to be one of the most ambitious of Microsoft , although for now they have not shown much of the project beyond the teser two years ago. However, The Game Awards is getting closer to being held, so they could surprise us in December.