What kind of event is that? A Pokémon Go arranged a psycho-spectacle in 2015. In September 2021, two brand-new Pokémon were brought into play. A brand-new Pokémon likewise contributes in this year’s phenomenon: Mega-Simsala involves the mega raids.

A big psycho event starts in September Beipokémon Go.

We will certainly reveal you here just how the spawns, raids, eggs as well as area research modification, and what else you require to find out about the event.

Psycho spectacle thoroughly: Beginning, Wildernis-Spawns, Raids, incentives

7-km egg: from the 7-sier, which you receive throughout the event, the Pokémon Kussilla *, ISSO * and Klingplim can slide.

Wildnis-Spawns: The adhering to Pokémon appear extra frequently in the wilderness (Pokémon, which we have actually noted with a celebrity (*), you can meet with luck as Shiny):.

What is brand-new? You can come across mega-simsala in mega-raids. With good luck also as a Shiny. In addition, the stunning version of Pygraulon is published.

PVP: The psycho-cup runs in the period of light. Only Pokémon can take part that have a maximum of 1,500 WP and also belong to the Psycho type. The Pokémon Mew, which have to not take part in any way, is an exception.

Extra event RAID-TAG: On Sunday, September 11th, the RAID day event with deoxys runs in Pokémon Go from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. In this time, all kinds of deoxys appear in the 5 Series raids and you rise to 5 additional free raid passes by transforming image discs on arenas. The opportunities of shiny deoxys are raised.

raids: .

Mega-Simsala: You can fulfill Mega-Simsala throughout the event. If you develop Kadabra in Simsala throughout the event or catch Simsala after a raid battle, it masters the billing assault psychokinesis. Psychokinesis 90 causes 90 damage in fitness instructor fights, arena fights and raid fights.

When does that run? The event begins on Tuesday, September Sixth, at 10:00 a.m. local time. (Note: In the German version of the main Pokémon GO blog site it states that the event runs until December 12th.

Field study: The benefits of the area research during the event consist of Puppance . Palimpalim , Pygraulon * and with good luck also Hypno. This additionally runs a temporary research that rotates around captain hook tosses. Study will award you with Pygraulon *.

  • Abra *.
  • Flegmon *.
  • Traumato *.
  • Natu *.
  • Trasla *.

  • Spoink *.
  • Somniam *.
  • Fleknoil *.
  • Mollimorba.
  • Monocyto.
  • Pygraulon *.
  • With good luck you will satisfy Kadabra and also Kirlia.

How do you like the view of the psycho-spectacle? An event that you are anticipating? Which of the web content do you like ideal?

Mega-Simsala: You can meet Mega-Simsala during the event. Area study: The incentives of the field research study during the event include Puppance . Palimpalim , Pygraulon * and with good luck additionally Hypno. Research will award you with Pygraulon *.

Bonus event RAID-TAG: On Sunday, September 11th, the RAID day event with deoxys runs in Pokémon Go from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.