My dear and respected Brasín Pepe says that there is no more conservative and reactionary than the follower of traditional sports, especially football. Neither var, neither new rules nor anything. The usual, as always and thanks. But right now the new invoker Cup has just announced, the trophy that raises the teams that expire in the Worlds, The World League of Legends … and it seems that in the eSports we are not going to the back.

The trophy, which had already been commented by Riot Games that would be created by the prestigious high-jewelry firm Tiffany & Co., has been revealed in social networks by the ESports account. And, of course, The criticisms have not been made to those responsible for changing the iconic reward of the Worlds winners .

A new summer’s cup

As Riot Games tells us in the official post of LOL ESports, the new cup is made of two types of silver, steel, brass and wood, reaching 20 kilos and 70 centimeters. In addition to its materials, it has been the result of 277 hours of work in the Hollowware workshop. They are the same responsible as the new Cup for the winner of the Chinese LPL.

The trophy has a base in which the winners of each edition of the World Championships of League of Legends will be recorded, as well as an unprecedented fact in the cups of this type: has five handles . Each of them has recorded the icon of each of the five positions in League of Legends, and has the objective that the entire quintet can lift it at the same time.

The previous trophy was iconic, but everything has an explanation


There is a concept in the world of marketing that is Debranding. Surely you have realized that a few decades ago all brand logos had the name of it, and that their typographies were much more gothic than now. This responds to a more than studied trend that seeks to make them more global.

It is true that this can have problems, such as the loss of identity or directly that many brands are equal (something that our trend companions explain to you). But it is also something that has already happened in League of Legends… and quite successfully. The previous Naming was simplified, using a cleaner typography and eliminating the noise that the stone background brought. I even have a friend who misses the old invoker crack.

What has been done with the World Trophy is to provide it with a few finer and geometric lines, in line with the aesthetics of the Lolesports brand itself. What is sought is to maintain the tone between things as day-to-day as graphics, retransmissions or promotional images, and the invoker’s cup. And they even allow a practical detail in a high jewelry object such as five handles, something quite groundbreaking in that aspect.

There is no doubt that the already ancient Cup of the invoker is much more iconic . It has accompanied us for more than a decade, and it has been and will be central to our memoirs to the official competitions of League of Legends. We can criticize it, and it is lawful that you like one glass than another, but understand the reason for something so drastic for many, it is really interesting .