The World of Taleswork: Idle MMO Simulator (hereinafter referred to as World of Talesworth), which was distributed to Steam the other day, was well-performed as a small work of the same genre. It seems to be recorded. It is a style that incorporates MMO that experienced people grin.

WORLD OF TALESWORTH is a clicker/abandoned game with the theme of MMORPG. However, in this work, the player will play MMORPG al1. This work does not support multiplayer, etc., and is a work that can be experienced like a large-scale multiplayer game.

Game play basically proceeds by neglecting. At the start of the game, only the characters in the Warrior class can be created. Once you have a character, select an appropriate hunting ground. After that, the character will automatically move and receive an order for the quest, defeat the small fish enemies to be defeated, and complete the quest completion to re-ordering. You don’t have to stick to the screen. At first, you have to watch over, but the elements are unlocked according to the progress of the rise. Account upgrade with reward coins and craft of weapons will be possible. In addition, the character can be enhanced by equipment that drops from the enemy. It is a system that accelerates the speed of automatic quests as you acquire strong equipment.

And one of the charms of World of Talesworth is MMO scattered everywhere. If you proceed with the game to a certain level, you will be able to create a guild. Write a guild member recruitment on the bulletin board, recruit members, and form a party. However, recruitment writing must be regularly maintained and the display ranking must be aged. It is necessary to maintain the top display so that it is not swept away by new writing. In addition, since the members also have a living, they are occasionally offline. It is not always the case that the desired class and level members will come, so sometimes you need to refuse to apply for subscription. If you refuse to apply, the achievement Elitist Jerk will be unlocked. However, it is safe because the rejected players and guild members are not dissatisfied.

In addition, MMO-related humor is probably included, and it is possible to purchase a dubious game remodeling MOD. In addition, the maintenance of the player himself is required halfway. It is natural that you will die if you do not eat or sleep. If you go to work in the game, you will get real money in the game and you will be able to purchase gaming equipment for MMO. As the game progresses, raids, etc., who have given instructions to the guild members in earnest and capture them, have been lifted. You can experience all your life to MMO.

After the release of STEAM on August 19, the number of simultaneous number of simultaneous people peaked at the same time was recorded, and it has been quite strong as a clicker/neglected game genre (SteamDB). This work was once distributed on the browser game site KongRegate, and it seems that it has gained a certain popularity. Regarding Steam user reviews, 73 % of 119 cases are popular at the time of writing articles. It is also unpopular, and it has been pointed out about the slowness of the billing element and the progress pace of the game. However, such aspects may be interpreted as a kind of MMO-like.

WORLD OF TALESWORTH is being distributed for free for PC (Steam).