As the Embracer Group announced at the end of the week, the purchase of the studios was efficiently finished in the meantime.

In May this year, those in charge of the Embracer Group surprised the industry with the announcement that the company will certainly take over the North American division of Square Enix.


At the rate of $ 300 million, the Embracer Group not only acquired the three developer workshops Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal as well as Square Enix Montreal. Many well-known brands such as Tomb Raider, Deus Ex-spouse or Tradition of Kain were also part of the bargain. Included in this are the back brochures, among which classics such as Thief or Gex lie.

structure of a new tag confirmed

According to today’s news, a brand-new label was started under which Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal and also Square Enix Montreal will act in the future. According to the company, a concrete name and more details regarding the 12th label of the Embracer Group will comply with in due course. The new label is managed by Phil Rogers, the previous CEO by Square Enix Europe and also The United States And Canada.

Eidos Montreal, on the other hand, is expected to deal with an entirely new brand name. However, official information are still pending below.

What the studios that are currently being serviced is still unidentified. At Crystal Characteristics we recognize that the workshop started working with a brand-new Tomb Raider experience and also is also included as a co-developer in the brand-new task of Microsoft’s Workshop the Effort.

Source: Embracer Group

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