Sony Interactive Entertainment has been claimed by £ 9 million, saying that it is excessive on PlayStation, and has been compensated for £ 5 billion (about 809.1 billion yen) .

This is a group lawsuit against SIE, which was caused by Alex Neil. On the PlayStation Store, 30 % of sales are imposed on games and DLCs, which may increase the price. The group claimed that the price increase has been a burden on consumers, and as a result, the price of a digital game purchase of 5 billion pounds in the past six years has been overlooked. Neil says this is the competitive law (the monopoly law in Japan).

If the complaint is granted, British users who purchased digital games and add-ons through the game console or PlayStation Store after August 19, 2016 may be included in the claim and have the right to receive compensation. There is it. It seems that the estimated amount per member who filed a lawsuit would be about 10,000 to 90,000 yen, except for interest. At present, SIE has not responded to foreign media inquiries.


Many socially vulnerable people rely on games in search of communities and people connections, especially in the midst of crisis of living expenses, and no consumer wallets. Sony’s actions are forced to sacrifice millions of people who can not afford to buy it when they are compressed. Sony monopolizes digital distribution of PS games and games without games, as a result of developing anti-competitive strategies, saying, Sony monopolizes the digital distribution of PS games and games. Is claiming users for a completely far apart price.

Although it is a lawsuit seeking a very expensive compensation, it has been supported by the Optout Group Litigation System introduced by the 2015 Consumer Rights Law in the United Kingdom, which Neil fought for the introduction. It is said that the members of the litigation group do not need to pay for the lawsuit, which is funded by the lawsuit and the arbitration expert team, Woodsford, which invests in large-scale commercial requests.