Around with the Final FantFinal Fantasyy XVI combat system, the expected new installment of the Square Enix saga. Naoki Yoshida, producer of the game, hFinal Fantasy justified the decision to focus the fighting on action . However, the creative is fully aware that the chosen path will not satisfy everyone, although it is confident in attracting a broader players spectrum. He explained it in an interview with comic days.

Of course, I don’t think we are able to satisfy everyone , so I told all team members that the first thing we have to do is create something that is fun. Thus, the producer hFinal Fantasy once again recalled the reFinal Fantasyons that have led to the study to leave behind the fighting system for shifts and commands.

The objective: reach more public

We want everyone to, especially the younger generations, play the title. Yoshida hFinal Fantasy pointed out that many teenagers and twenty people have heard of the saga, but they have never tried it. In addition, today’s MaInstream Games are intuitive : You press a button and the character triggers a gun or a sword. The traditional style of command shifts is no longer familiar to them.


It is not the first time that the producer and also director of Final FantFinal Fantasyy XIV justifies the elimination of clFinal Fantasysic shifts. According to his argument, this is the reFinal Fantasyon why they have decided that the battle system is focused on action: We want players around the world to think that Final FantFinal Fantasyy XVI is a great game *

Final Fantays XVI is in development for PS5 and will go on sale in summer of 2023 . In a recent interview with inverse, Naoki Yoshida himself hFinal Fantasy revealed that the saga is having problems adapting to current video game industry.