Chase Online Company (C.O.C) announced on the 18th that it will launch a formal service of the collectable RPG ‘Mercy Fantasy’ developed by Tapplus.

The Mercy Fantasy, which ended today, is a collective RPG with a fantasy fairy tale waiting for any unexpected reversal. You can meet various figures and stories in a trip to find the real souls of fairy tales in the dark side of the mirror and to reveal the light of the fairy tale world.

As the core of the game, the game is 180 degrees different from the heroine in the childhood as we know. Like the game background, you can meet with a dark visual that is dark in the dark. More than 100 makers offer unique fun with their own charm and features.

Cumulative rewards are given even when offline, so you can easily foster fellows without having to hang on the game all day long, and based on this, you will create your own powerful decks and experience the fun of challenging boring dungeons such as magic vines, time corridors, and dreams. Can.

In commemoration of the official service, Mercy Fantasy will hold various official cafe events organized by August 31st. Until August 24th, the ‘My Light Fairy Tale’ event, which provides in-game rewards to users who fill the speech bubble of cut cartoons using game characters, shares their decks until 31st, It offers abundant benefits through ‘, smashing casserole’, which is a achieving stadium content ranking event, and ‘Your Guild Rolled on the Vine’.

An official of C.O.C officially launched a Merhel Fantasy with a fantasy fairy tale. We hope you will experience the Mercy Fantasy that conveys your fantasy 180 degrees. I’ll do my best, so please watch.