[Game Park Ye-jin Reporter] The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Park Bo-kyun) and the Korea Creative Content Agency (Director Cho Hyun-rae, hereinafter referred to as Hankonjin) are offline-type offline forms starting with ‘Game Spom 2022’ to support overseas market entry into overseas market contents It announced on the 17th that it will participate in the overseas game show in three years.

This year, Conjinwon operates ‘2022 Overseas Market Korea Joint Hall’ at the German Gamescom, Japan’s Tokyo Game Show, and Thailand’s Thailand Game Show, which will be held offline three years after the spread of Corona. Through this, the company plans to provide business counseling opportunities between domestic game developers and overseas distributors and support various business activities to lead to exports.

First of all, Hankonjin will participate in the Gamescom 2022, which will be held in Cologne, Germany from 24th to 28th. Gamescom has been visited by more than 370,000 people in more than 50 countries before Corona 19. It is the world’s three largest game exhibitions that participated in 180 countries last year. It is gathering.

This year, the Korea Joint Hall will be exhibited as B2B targets and will be composed of PCs, mobile, consoles, and AR and VR (augmented reality and virtual reality) sections. Participants are ▲ Weaver Active, Namus Studio, Action Square, Pepperstones, Full Flit, Sopton Entertainment, Sopton Entertainment, Store Entertainment, New Core, Skywalk, Coding & Play, Wad Games, Bird Letter, Roadstars, Roadstars, and Angel Games A total of 15 domestic game companies, including Liti Games.

Hankonjin provided in-depth analysis reports that included game shows, market trends, and major buyer information to the exhibitors in advance, and conducted strategy consulting for overseas game market. In addition, during the event, buyers such as overseas publishers, accelerators and investors were invited to introduce K-content networking time and biz matching.

Conjinwon will start the Game Scom and operate a joint hall at the Tokyo Game Show and Thailand Game Show to support domestic game companies’ overseas expansion and create global business opportunities.

First, he will participate in the Tokyo Game Show, which will be held in Japan in September, and operate 15 domestic game companies and common halls. Since the Tokyo Game Show is one of the world’s top three game shows, various programs such as participants’ meetings and Korea-Japan game contents enterprise exchange meet. In addition, the company plans to actively use cosplay using hanbok and K-POP dance flash mobs during the event.

In October, the Thailand Game Show, Southeast Asia’s largest game exhibition held in Bangkok, Thailand, will also operate a joint hall with five domestic game developers.

Lee Yang-hwan, head of Hankonjin Game Division, said, We will actively participate in major global game shows so that we can actively promote the excellence of K-game, one of the K-content.