Savory Kitchen is another training room in which you need to start gastronomy in the Two Point campus. The room is similar to Sweet Kitchen and helps students perform lessons and complete tasks.

However, unlike Sweet Kitchen, Savory Kitchen can be used from time to time for culinary events.

The next leadership will lead you through a delicious kitchen in the Two Point campus.

how to unlock a spicy kitchen

A piquant kitchen becomes accessible as soon as you get to Piazza Lanatra, the second campus that you control in the Two Point campus. It will be at the beginning of the first year of gastronomy.

Requirements for a spicy kitchen

The base price of Savory Kitchen is $ 30,100, and the minimum requirements for size are 6 × 6, which allows you to accommodate up to eight people.


In addition to an experienced gastronomy teacher, you will need Super Chef to complete your piquant kitchen. Super Chef costs $ 25,000 and can be improved for Learning Power bonuses.

The best spicy kitchen dishes


tips in a spicy kitchen

  • Keep everything clean. Dirty kitchen will be a mistake.
  • Give your students access to the toilets nearby to pay attention to hygiene again.