In Tower of Fantasy, players will be able to unite with others to perform various quests and defeat strong world bosses. Although you can wander around the lands alone, it is always better to have teammates and friends. The game has a number of strong enemies that can easily crush anyone, and the presence of several friends on your side greatly facilitates the task. So, if you are interested in how to play a joint multiplayer game with friends, we will help you. That’s all you need to know about adding friends and a joint game in Tower of Fantasy.

How to play a joint multiplayer game in Tower of Fantasy?

After passing the prologue and obtaining a jet satchel , you can see how other players travel around the world in Tower of Fantasy. You can add other players to your list of friends by clicking on their character. Several options, how to add a friend , Longeron , team invitations , and much more will be available on the player’s card. It is better to add friends first before sending them a team invitation. Press t and you will see a pop-up flag on the right side of the screen. Click on the flag to open lobby menu, and from here you can invite others.


In addition, you can also send an invitation to the team from the List of Friends menu. The lobby menu provides easy access to the closest teams and players, and also allows others to hire. Click on empty icons plus in the lobby to see which of the friends is on the network and is available for invitations. Click on go button to start a joint game after your teammates join the lobby.

How to change the goal of the team in Tower of Fantasy

In the lobby, players will also be able to set a command goal. You can also choose the upper and lower levels of the level for joining others. The goals of the team include interstellar study, joint operation, the study of the world, vagrant bosses and the free goal. Be sure to choose the right option before unite with other players in Tower of Fantasy.

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