You can freely explore the world of Tower of Fantasy and experience everything that he can offer, alone or in a group. In this common game with the open world, you can play with friends or strangers, but the question arises whether there is a guild in Tower of Fantasy.

Is there a guild in Tower of Fantasy?

Answer yes -but they are not called guilds in the game. Instead, you can create and join crews , the version of the guild Tower of Fantasy. We have little information about them, but we know that the crew can withstand 180 players before becoming complete. You should also be on the same server as your teammates.

The teams are also probably the best way to play and experience everything that Tower of Fantasy can offer if you are interested in this. multiplayer . You can create a gang with your friends or join it randomly. In any case, a gang is a good way to challenge more complex content and content of the final game.


You should also easily find other players for activities if you are part of the gang. Some games offer bonuses for playing with friends or guilds, which can also relate to Tower of Fantasy. As soon as the name is launched, we will have more specific answers.

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