Capcom announced on August 9 that the first free title update will be distributed on August 10. In addition, the details of the new elements, the puppet’s study quest, and the new weapons enhanced system, the puppet-in-life.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break is planned to update three free titles within 2022. In each update, rare species, special individuals, enhanced individuals, etc. are added. In the first installment, Narugakuruga rare species and Guren Bazelgius appeared. It is said that free updates are expected after 2023.

In this announcement, it is announced that the distribution date of the first free title update will be August 10th. In addition to the rare species of Nargakuruga and the Guren Bazelgius, it has also been announced that a rare species of Riorus and Rio Leia will be added. Also, as the announced, the unexplored area of the tower appears as a new field. A new action has been added to the rare species of Rioreus and Rio Leia, and it seems to be shifting to a flame enhanced state that exhales blue flames in the battle. And the armor that can be created by defeating a new monster also has new skills. The quest of the new monster can be ordered from MR10.

Furthermore, in this update, the puppet quest is greatly expanded. Publish quest EX ☆ 5 has been added, and new puppet monsters have Rizex, Tamamizune, Olomidro subspecies, Jinouga, and Lunagaron. And a new quest called the puppet-struggle quest will be added. In this quest, the difficulty gradually increases by raising the quest level. It seems that quest content, such as target monsters, fields, and number of participants, will be randomly combined. It is said that the monster of the puppet quest EX ☆ 5 will be released by proceeding with the puppet study quest.

Special materials obtained from the puppet study quest can be used for puppet style. In the puppet-creation, new enhancements can be added to the equipment. As a weapon, select your favorite enhancement items such as attack power and critical rate so that you can select a combination and enhance. The armor can be enhanced randomly with defense, resistance, and skill points. It is said that it is possible to see it off without reflecting the result of the armor enhancement. In addition, researcher Bahari has opened a new puppet research institute. It will be possible to exchange dedicated items obtained by rewards for the puppet study quest.

In addition, the event quest will be delivered every week from August 18. In addition, as a paid DLC, it seems that there will be a lot of wearing equipment that can become a Fiorene figure. Various updates to weapons will be implemented. For more information about update information, please check this official website.


Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break Free title update, which has a wide variety of additional content, including a rare species, will be distributed on August 10 tomorrow.