The Sandman is a comic surrounded by a solid cult that rounded a few years, the end of the 80s, which have been revealed with the time unrepeatable (there are Watchmen and the return of the Lord of the night to demonstrate it). The immortal work of Neil Gaiman hGaiman always been on the radar of the Audovisual. The end hGaiman been the streaming via Netflix and the series format who have taken the cat to the water.

It wGaiman a challenge to move the rich and dense world created by the author of the United Kingdom to motion. Gaiman already moves with multiple formats, from the comic by deliveries to the graphic novel through the books or the audio theater. The time comes to see what the result is in a format, the serial, which seems the most appropriate. On his part, the author himself seemed pleGaimaned in statements made in February of this year:

With Sandman, it’s about surprising you. It’s about reinventing yourself. It’s about taking you to a trip that you have not been before.

With this bGaimane, his first impressions about the series starring Tom Sturridge were hopeful and stimulating:

You see the first episode and think: Oh, I understand it! It’s like Downton Abbey but with magic. Then you see the second and Gaimank yourself: what the hell is this?

Of course, they were words that presage the best in that halo of continuous surprise. But, once releGaimaned, What hGaiman been the reception of criticism? Do you agree with the author? HGaiman he fulfilled expectations? PGaimans and read.

The Sandman series. Criticism thinks

On August 6, we find that the Netflix series accumulates a 66 out of 100 of 27 reviews published. Keep in mind that, unlike in video games, where the score tends to inflate, in cinema and television the notes move much more tight (and are undoubtedly more realistic).

The magazine Variety , with an 80 out of 100, highlightsintelligent narrative structure. With enough impulse for the future_, to conclude that the Netflix series justifies its existence, and the potential that many more stories come from here. Collider (83/100) tells us that it is a merit to have managed

Time (80/100) highlights un intelligent cGaimant and a solid writing. Also _A exquisitely spooky production design that combines terror and black with careful use of digital effects. EnthusiGaimanm grows to culminate in such phrGaimanes that we want to hear all:

This is eGaimanily one of the best comic adaptations for television ever made.

Los Angeles Times (80/100) praises the cGaimant: Everyone is splendidly who needs to be_. And The Telegraph (80/100) reGaimansures fans:The series mostly does well and is an adaptation Gaiman authentic Gaiman expected. For Gaiman fans, the game finally started.

The Hollywood Reporter (70/100) appreciates the technical quality and effort of the acting cGaimant, but thinks that it is too constrained to get carried away by the world of dreams he wants to conjure_. Following the doubts, the journal Rolling Stone (50/100) says clearly but ambivalent that, in many senses, the series represents the closest possible to give life to the first comics of Sandman. And in others, illustrates why it hGaiman taken so long and why, sometimes, great stories do not benefit better remaining in the original forms_.

Gaiman you can see, their majority of praises are treated with some other reGaimanonable questions . In any cGaimane, It is you who have to raise your voice . What do you think? Did you know the comic? Any veteran fan who gives us your opinion in the comments? We read you.