The Vespucci Job is an adjustable Rockstar Games triumph of respect to the famousItalian work. as always, _gt online brings game a from the point of view of missions and actions, and with this recent update there are now seven new missions Vespuci Job that you can fulfill. So, let’s start!

To start one of these matches, you need:

* Download to GTA online
Open Pause menu
Click online
Click on work > Play work > Created Rockstar > enemy mode *
* Then click on the desired version of Vespucci Job.

What is Vespucci’s work?

The mission itself is a match in which players are divided into two teams which interceptors as well as runners . Runners should collect 15 control points pursued by interceptors. Then the interceptors need to try to stop the runners by destroying them before they can collect all 15 control points.

Seven types are offered to choose from:

* Work of Vespucci I : located in Del-Perro, Morningwood, Richards-Majestica and West Wesinwood.

Work of Vespucci II *: Located in Chamberlain-Hills, Ranch, Straberry and West Wesinwood.
Work of Vespucci III : Located in Hovik and West Weinwood.
Work of Vespucci IV : located in the terminal.
Work Vespucci V *: Located in Rockford Hills and West Weinwood.
Work of Vespucci VI : Located on the Legion, Mishn-Row, Pillbox Hill and Textile City.
Work of Vespucci VII : located in La Puer, Vespucci and Vespucci channels (actually).

Now you have where and how, you just need to do work! Are you looking for additional tips? Why not check how to start robberies in GTA online ?