Wemade Play (CEO Lee Ho-dae) announced on the 4th that it will showcase the new event ‘Ari’s balloon party’ in the mobile game ‘Ani Pang 3’.

‘Ari’s Balloon Party’ is an event that attracts various rewards by collecting balloons on the game screen as a new content that is the main character of Ani Pang’s popular character Ari.

Balloons, which appear in various shapes such as hearts, stars, and bears, can be collected through touch or slide movements. The event using balloons that appear all over the game screen is expected to convey the unique fun of using the entire smartphone as a game board.

Along with the event, a new episode of AniPang Friends, which will be held at the airport, will be opened under the theme of a holiday trip. The episode of Ani Pang Friends, which shows new characters and special blocks such as travelers, Mixie, Stewardess Annie, Catacles Pinky, and Carrier Mong, can be enjoyed through 80 puzzle stages and illustrations from 2281.

We expect the devices and special blocks to be presented in the new episode’s puzzle stage, along with the balloon event with the fun of graphics and colorful graphics, said Wemade Play.

Meanwhile, Wemade Play, which welcomed the global blockchain game platform WeMix Play as an overseas partner, will launch the overseas blockchain-based Ani-Pang series using the ‘Anipang’ series.