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The masterpiece is back, the new development of the Mafia series

The immersive story will be able to meet the Noir masterpiece Mafia series, which has been loved by many fans. The developer said he is making a new work.

On the 29th, the developer Hangger 13 unveiled an interview with 2K, a distributor, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Mafia Series. In the interview, where I was able to listen to the development of the developers, I could hear the new development of the Mafia series. I’m finally starting a new mafia project, said Hiladic, a general manager of Hangje 13.

The Mafia Series is a third-person action adventure series developed by 2K Czech Republic and Hangje 13.It is a story reminiscent of Noir film, a high freedom comparable to the GTA series, and a story reminiscent of Noir film. to be. Since its launch in 2002, it has been released up to 3 episodes of numbering works.


More information related to the new Mafia series will be released later.

Qatar 2022 album uploads a price in Mexico

With the World Cup in Qatar 2022 around the corner, many football passionate cannot wait to start this celebration with the already classic Panini print album. However, this year it has been more complicated than thought, since the inflation that is lived in Mexico and in Latin America has caused an increase in price that could prevent many from completing their collection.

Specifically, it is said that in Mexico and Argentina the situation that collectors lived has been complicated a lot due to a substantial increase in the album and in the Panini prints. According to expansion, in Argentina there has been an increase of 1000% in the prices of these products , as well as a shortage in newspapers.

Here it has been mentioned that the Russian envelope we saw in 2018 was only $ 15 Argentine pesos, while the Qatar edition is worth $ 150 Argentine pesos . Similarly, the album of four years was worth $ 50 Argentine pesos, while today it is available in $ 650 Argentine pesos. As if that were not enough, it has been mentioned that the sale of these products in the classic newspapers has ceased, since Panini has given greater weight to large branches in places and shopping centers.

For its part, in Mexico the situation has also been complicated accordingly. In our country, the Starter Pack, which includes a hard pasta album and a package with a thousand prints, could be purchased for only $ 1,400 pesos in 2018. However, today, this same product is available at $ 2,121 pesos, that is, we saw an increase of 51%. These are products prices:

-A album with hard paste costs $ 247 pesos.

-Moved Pasta Album: $ 89 pesos

-A on with five prints it costs $ 18 pesos.

-He with 104 envelopes: $ 1,872 pesos

-Ecoblister with 10 envelopes: $ 179 pesos

-How soft paste album with two envelopes: $ 59 pesos

Considering that Qatar album requires 670 prints to complete it, you better have your savings ready to spend much of your money in this collection. The Panini album is already available in Argentina, but will be on sale in Mexico and part of Latin America until September 7 . In related issues, you can learn more about Panini here.

Fortnite 21.50-updation

With this update, a questionable game mode as well as some affordable things are leaving the fight. If you and also your friends have dropped in love with this unique mode, you need to make sure that you do your last couple of rounds before it is gone with time.

Fortnite Update 21.50 Downtime-When do the web servers decrease?

update 21.50 spot notes-what comes as well as what is going?

You must make certain that you are finished beforehand 1:00 a.m. Pt/4 a.m if you want to play a couple of even more video games prior to the servers go down for the evening. When Mantience shows up 30 minutes prior to ** Make certain you are all set for the night before you pass, the web servers out!

The downtime for these updates is in between one and also two hours, yet if something fails, you can be longer, so maybe the perfect time to end it for the night, relying on where you play.

With a live service title like fourteen days , it seems that you will finally take what you offer. Nevertheless, weapons that fans enjoyed, play modes that set off initial dispute, and a lot more their method in and out of this video game will certainly turn the most up to date 21.50 patch live!

Right here is whatever we recognize 21.50 patch!

The Imposters setting is entrusted to this update

Yes, the very best setting of everybody is to leave the time-limited rotation in order to develop something for an extra competitive matchmaking setup that takes its area. While it was originally considered controversial, as a result of the hypes it had to do with an additional video game that is Among Us, The fraud setting got stuck for some time, as well as it seems to visit the developers Internal sloth Lastly, fell for her.

Late Game Arena, Break Spawning & Legendary Pump Shotguns Back

Early patching notes for the 21.50 update in Fortnite

While adding new tools, modes and objects is appealing sufficient, there are a few extra blunders that are dealt with next to this new update. According to the main Fortnite Trello , you can additionally think that a few of these troubles will certainly also be dealt with!

If you desire to show your abilities in the arena, you can do this again if the late game arena go back to the collection of time-limited settings. Below you can show your true skills, and also now you have access to the fabulous pump shotgun as well as rift-spawning Things will most definitely be insane than ever before.

General leading topics

  • For some players, notifications regarding Freund accepted might be shown at the beginning
  • Players obtain a blue entrance hall history


Fight Royale leading topics

  • The health and wellness as well as shield bar does not indicate the appropriate worths
    When effect on the ground, * Driving a car can sometimes extend under the map
  • Hyper overlaps with Overshald in the Zero Build Sector
  • The opening of MPA or pursuits while making use of the common screen suggests that the 2nd player’s sight comes to be black
  • Things with low make top quality that appear on Starter Island

Imaginative top topics

  • The propary manipulator can quit working according to round 1 or between the rounds
  • Clutching gloves can interact with mutator areas
  • Items generated on the thing second are not counted by the Player Tracker
  • Food selection options on some gadgets are not opened up after you have actually opened on your own to the hub and get in the island once more
    When they are duplicated and cut out on islands, * Glass galleries show no placement
  • Prop mover can not constantly be reactivated in one round
  • Radios on released islands play the conventional title when they are deactivated
    Since the island may not be reset, * Round after the very first may not begin

Conserve the top editions of the world

  • Player runs animations
  • Saving survivors
    When Rosie |* is fired up or around the gamer, * The display flashes white

Top subjects for mobile phones and the cloud

  • Framerates-Limit setups are not offered if GeForce Now is used on mobile devices
  • The fire switch for Kamehameha is shut down on mobile phones while driving on the nimbus
  • Long loading times for gamers
  • Numerous images are missing on the Rog Phone 3
  • Tab S7 is missing the 90FPS alternative
    When touched, * The left joystick can no longer respond
    There appears to be a great deal of operate in this update, so make certain you prepare by preparing our reputation Fortnite Overview location so that you prepare Locate all tents where can be located and also defeated
    as well as What the zero factor fish is!
    Fourteen days is now readily available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Collection X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch over, mobile phones and also computer.

LOL: The new invoker Cup may not like it, but it is a design lesson

My dear and respected Brasín Pepe says that there is no more conservative and reactionary than the follower of traditional sports, especially football. Neither var, neither new rules nor anything. The usual, as always and thanks. But right now the new invoker Cup has just announced, the trophy that raises the teams that expire in the Worlds, The World League of Legends … and it seems that in the eSports we are not going to the back.

The trophy, which had already been commented by Riot Games that would be created by the prestigious high-jewelry firm Tiffany & Co., has been revealed in social networks by the ESports account. And, of course, The criticisms have not been made to those responsible for changing the iconic reward of the Worlds winners .

A new summer’s cup

As Riot Games tells us in the official post of LOL ESports, the new cup is made of two types of silver, steel, brass and wood, reaching 20 kilos and 70 centimeters. In addition to its materials, it has been the result of 277 hours of work in the Hollowware workshop. They are the same responsible as the new Cup for the winner of the Chinese LPL.

The trophy has a base in which the winners of each edition of the World Championships of League of Legends will be recorded, as well as an unprecedented fact in the cups of this type: has five handles . Each of them has recorded the icon of each of the five positions in League of Legends, and has the objective that the entire quintet can lift it at the same time.

The previous trophy was iconic, but everything has an explanation


There is a concept in the world of marketing that is Debranding. Surely you have realized that a few decades ago all brand logos had the name of it, and that their typographies were much more gothic than now. This responds to a more than studied trend that seeks to make them more global.

It is true that this can have problems, such as the loss of identity or directly that many brands are equal (something that our trend companions explain to you). But it is also something that has already happened in League of Legends… and quite successfully. The previous Naming was simplified, using a cleaner typography and eliminating the noise that the stone background brought. I even have a friend who misses the old invoker crack.

What has been done with the World Trophy is to provide it with a few finer and geometric lines, in line with the aesthetics of the Lolesports brand itself. What is sought is to maintain the tone between things as day-to-day as graphics, retransmissions or promotional images, and the invoker’s cup. And they even allow a practical detail in a high jewelry object such as five handles, something quite groundbreaking in that aspect.

There is no doubt that the already ancient Cup of the invoker is much more iconic . It has accompanied us for more than a decade, and it has been and will be central to our memoirs to the official competitions of League of Legends. We can criticize it, and it is lawful that you like one glass than another, but understand the reason for something so drastic for many, it is really interesting .

Assassins Creed to Skyrim: 8 video games that are simply as well long

A long season can be an important buying argument for players.
An extensive scope of the game does not always have to be good.
Due to the fact that they were simply too long, we wanted to understand from you which games you truly had to abuse yourself.
And these are your answers.

Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed and also others have actually burglarized you of a great deal of time

Numerous adventures, dozens of quests, unlimited sizes, countless items for gathering-.
Some games merely eat as well much time , which you might likewise spend more smartly in other video games or in these so-called realife tasks.

The 8 video games in the reduced photo collection must have been much shorter for you:.

Pokemon Go Fest Final 2022: The online ticker to the huge degree

tomorrow, on August 27, 2022, Inpokémon Go happens the large final event for the Go Fest 2022. Here at MeinMMO we will keep you approximately day in our online ticker all the time and supply you with the latest details regarding generates, raid managers and special study.

When does the Go Fest Ending start? The final event begins on Saturday, August 27, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. The final after that competes a total of 8 hrs till it finishes at 6:00 p.m. neighborhood time.

** What kind of event is this? will. Of course, there will be a great deal of generates and also perks for you on this occasion.

live ticker for the Go Fest on August 27th

_ An of this factor is our live ticker, which we on a regular basis upgrade for you during the GO Fest-Finales on August 27 from 9:00 a.m. Right here we will certainly keep you up to date on all present habitats, spawns, raid bosses and also special research. However we also sum up all the essential information, events and also promotion codes (if there are any kind of).

what you need to know before the final event

Below we will certainly describe to you what benefits an event ticket for the go-festival finale will bring you.

In order for you to ideally make use of the GO FISTE Finale, we have actually summarized the most important info concerning the event listed below.

Where do you get a ticket? In particular, trainers that got an event ticket for the global Go Fest in June can currently take a breath a sigh of relief, because the ticket content of the final event is currently included in this. You do not have to acquire a new ticket.

For everyone else, the ticket in the in-game store is available for around 11 euros under the Worldwide Occasions classification, relying on which supplier you utilize.

Can you just have fun with a ticket? No, the final event can generally be used by all trainers. Nevertheless, the material differ. If you have fun with a ticket, you can profit from extra spawns and rewards. There will certainly likewise be a whole lot of content for trainers who do not want to buy a ticket.

You can additionally have tickets provided by buddies or provide away some on your own. If you also have a legitimate ticket to the last, the ticket for your close friend just costs you 5.49 euros.

** Generate all beasts at the exact same time? In the adhering to overview we show you when which environment runs:

If you want to make use of the continuing to be time properly till the event beginning, it is best to prepare something for it. We reveal you 5 things below that you must make prior to the large go Fest.

  • 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.: Ultra invasion: Schabelle
  • 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.: Ultra invasion: Masskito
  • 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.: Ultra invasion: Voltriant
  • 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.: Ultra invasion: Anego

tomorrow, on August 27, 2022, Inpokémon Go takes place the large final event for the Go Fest 2022. The final event begins on Saturday, August 27, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. Can you just play with a ticket? Where do you get a ticket? ** In particular, trainers that bought an event ticket for the international Go Fest in June can now breathe a sigh of alleviation, since the ticket web content of the final event is already consisted of in this.

Need for Speed 2022-Leak offers us a very first look at the anime

EA has still not officially unveiled the new Requirement for Speed section, yet there are still hectic leaks on the next racing title. A brand-new supposed gameplay clip now reveals us how the anime impacts could search in the game. As well as a well-known expert also spoke out as well as reports that Requirement for Speed was delayed once more internally.

This reveals the Need for Speed Clip

In the only three-second clip, which showed up on Reddit, a Chevrolet Bel Air can be seen that accidents in the center of the jump against a sculpture. Not just the screen flashes red, common cartoon-like effects also appear: a head as well as wings blink around the auto in a hand-drawn look. Here you can take a look at the short clip on your own:

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Web link to the Twitter material

Although this is plainly an unofficial leak, the material shown would a minimum of synchronize with earlier leakages. According to them, the following Requirement for Speed ought to supply photo-realistic graphics, yet need to likewise be targeted at a younger audience and have optical anime components:



EA has still not officially unveiled the new Demand for Speed section, but there are still busy leaks on the following racing title. A new claimed gameplay clip now shows us just how the anime effects could look in the video game. As well as a well-known insider likewise talked up as well as reports that Requirement for Speed was delayed again internally.

Graphics become ‘photo-realistic, yet with anime components’.

Leakage, industry insider Jeff Grubb has actually additionally spoken out again, who is currently accountable for some reports regarding Demand for Speed. In the Titan Bomb Podcast, he spoke that EA held off the video game internally from November to December.

What do you think about the clip? Would certainly you such as these anime elements or is that except you? .

Need for Speed 2022 just in December.

, and also that had a wave result that led to this change.

We still have to be patient a little till we get the new Demand for Speed. A launch at the end of 2022 makes feeling, besides, EA in May as component of an economic report for the fiscal year 2022 in a discussion a new requirement for speed for FY2023 in the 3rd quarter-and that upright December 31, 2022.

Leak, industry insider Jeff Grubb has actually likewise spoken out again, who is currently responsible for some reports concerning Need for Speed. In the Giant Bomb Podcast, he spoke that EA postponed the game internally from November to December.

Required for Speed 2022.

12 2.

Steam Basic Play Free MMO -style clicker WORLD OF TALESWORTH is quite popular. Even if you make a guild, you are actually alone, a lonely crock

The World of Taleswork: Idle MMO Simulator (hereinafter referred to as World of Talesworth), which was distributed to Steam the other day, was well-performed as a small work of the same genre. It seems to be recorded. It is a style that incorporates MMO that experienced people grin.

WORLD OF TALESWORTH is a clicker/abandoned game with the theme of MMORPG. However, in this work, the player will play MMORPG al1. This work does not support multiplayer, etc., and is a work that can be experienced like a large-scale multiplayer game.

Game play basically proceeds by neglecting. At the start of the game, only the characters in the Warrior class can be created. Once you have a character, select an appropriate hunting ground. After that, the character will automatically move and receive an order for the quest, defeat the small fish enemies to be defeated, and complete the quest completion to re-ordering. You don’t have to stick to the screen. At first, you have to watch over, but the elements are unlocked according to the progress of the rise. Account upgrade with reward coins and craft of weapons will be possible. In addition, the character can be enhanced by equipment that drops from the enemy. It is a system that accelerates the speed of automatic quests as you acquire strong equipment.

And one of the charms of World of Talesworth is MMO scattered everywhere. If you proceed with the game to a certain level, you will be able to create a guild. Write a guild member recruitment on the bulletin board, recruit members, and form a party. However, recruitment writing must be regularly maintained and the display ranking must be aged. It is necessary to maintain the top display so that it is not swept away by new writing. In addition, since the members also have a living, they are occasionally offline. It is not always the case that the desired class and level members will come, so sometimes you need to refuse to apply for subscription. If you refuse to apply, the achievement Elitist Jerk will be unlocked. However, it is safe because the rejected players and guild members are not dissatisfied.

In addition, MMO-related humor is probably included, and it is possible to purchase a dubious game remodeling MOD. In addition, the maintenance of the player himself is required halfway. It is natural that you will die if you do not eat or sleep. If you go to work in the game, you will get real money in the game and you will be able to purchase gaming equipment for MMO. As the game progresses, raids, etc., who have given instructions to the guild members in earnest and capture them, have been lifted. You can experience all your life to MMO.

After the release of STEAM on August 19, the number of simultaneous number of simultaneous people peaked at the same time was recorded, and it has been quite strong as a clicker/neglected game genre (SteamDB). This work was once distributed on the browser game site KongRegate, and it seems that it has gained a certain popularity. Regarding Steam user reviews, 73 % of 119 cases are popular at the time of writing articles. It is also unpopular, and it has been pointed out about the slowness of the billing element and the progress pace of the game. However, such aspects may be interpreted as a kind of MMO-like.

WORLD OF TALESWORTH is being distributed for free for PC (Steam).

Embracer Group: Takeover of Crystal Characteristics, Eidos Montreal & Square Enix Montreal completed

As the Embracer Group announced at the end of the week, the purchase of the studios was efficiently finished in the meantime.

In May this year, those in charge of the Embracer Group surprised the industry with the announcement that the company will certainly take over the North American division of Square Enix.


At the rate of $ 300 million, the Embracer Group not only acquired the three developer workshops Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal as well as Square Enix Montreal. Many well-known brands such as Tomb Raider, Deus Ex-spouse or Tradition of Kain were also part of the bargain. Included in this are the back brochures, among which classics such as Thief or Gex lie.

structure of a new tag confirmed

According to today’s news, a brand-new label was started under which Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal and also Square Enix Montreal will act in the future. According to the company, a concrete name and more details regarding the 12th label of the Embracer Group will comply with in due course. The new label is managed by Phil Rogers, the previous CEO by Square Enix Europe and also The United States And Canada.

Eidos Montreal, on the other hand, is expected to deal with an entirely new brand name. However, official information are still pending below.

What the studios that are currently being serviced is still unidentified. At Crystal Characteristics we recognize that the workshop started working with a brand-new Tomb Raider experience and also is also included as a co-developer in the brand-new task of Microsoft’s Workshop the Effort.

Source: Embracer Group

Additional reports regarding Embracer Group.

The best equipment and class RA 225 in Call of Duty Warzone

The RA 225 submachine gun was presented to Call of Duty: Warzone with updating the 5th season Last Battle. Due to the high rate of fire and mobility, the new Vanguard machine gun is an extremely effective weapon of near-battle. Here is a guide for the best nozzles and classes RA 225 for use in Warzone Pacific.

The best combat zone for equipment RA 225

Muzzle: recoil amplifier
Store: City rapid 11 inches
Optical: Slantsy reflector
Reserve: Moravets MB
Substract: Mark VI skeleton
Magazine: 9 mm 55 round drums
Ammunition: subsonic
Back handle: glued handle
Perk 1: impulse
Perk 2: Fast

This is the best assembly of RA 225 that you can use to destroy your opponents in battles at near and medium distances. The nozzles used here are primarily aimed at improving the time for defeat (TTK) and the mobility of weapons. Firstly, we use the return amplifier and Urban Rapid 11 ″ to increase rate of fire, which, in turn, increases TTK weapons.

If you plan to use RA 225 as a sniper support, use Moravec needle 18 inches barrel, as it helps to control the speed of the bullet and control the return for better performance at medium distances. Then put on the handle with the tape, the Mark VI Skeletal butt and the Moravec MB trunk to improve mobility, such as speed, acceleration to shooting and aiming speed (ADS).

As for the store, we recommend using 9 mm 55 Round Drums drums, as they give your weapon maximum ammunition. However, if you play in a single or paired game modes of the game, the smaller 7.62 Gorenko stores 38 rounds is the best choice, since it increases the rate of fire, accuracy and mobility of the weapon in general.

Best Ra 225 Hipfire Loadout Warzone

Muzzle: recoil amplifier
Star: City 14-inch Pat
Optical: Slantsy reflector
Reserve: Moravets MB

Substract: Carver Tsevye
Magazine: 9 mm 55 round drums
Ammunition: hollow point
Back hand: grabbits from pine resin
Perk 1: Hand dexterity / Vital
Perk 2: Fast

This is an assembly for players who prefer their submachine gun to have the best accuracy of shooting from the hip. Although some hinged devices remained the same as in the previous equipment, the one that we changed is aimed at reducing the spread of fire from the thigh of the RA 225 submachine gun, which makes it an ideal weapon for close combat.

Best combat zone for setting up class RA 225

Main weapon *: Grau 5.56 / automaton / XM4
additional weapons : R 225
deadly : Semtex
Tactical *: Steam
perk 1 : serpentine
perk 2 : Excess
* perk 3 : amplifier

Stay with us in professional games for games to learn more about Call of Duty. In the meantime, go to our article on how the Supply Box UPEL murders work in Call of Duty Warzone?

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