It is often said that it is a remaster that improves the resolution and texture of the original, and adds some convenience to the latest platform. One more here. In recent games, some games have a change in the middle of the remake and remastered. In June, ‘Last of Earth Part 1’, which announced the news of Rebuild through the summer game fast, is representative.

About a month later, the change and features of ‘Last of Earth Part 1’, which are different from the original, and the video play, were released today (22nd), the PlayStation blog. ‘Last of Earth Part 1’ is a new game that made the original last of Earth for PS5 and PC. It is characterized by improved graphics, character modeling, animation and cinematic, and it is newly torn down based on the successor ‘Last of Earth Part 2’, not just a little trimming modeling. Prior to the full-fledged explanation, the co-chairman of Neu Titi’s Neil Drugman said, It is a game that was originally closer to its original vision.

The introduction of the game’s change, features, and systems was introduced by Shaun Escayg creative director and Matthew Gallant game director.

Last of Earth Part 1 operates in native 4K 30 frames and dynamic 4K 60 frames. If you are a gamer who is sensitive to graphic and resolution, you can play the game with Native 4K, and if you want to play the game with a soft frame.

I didn’t miss the combination of Dual Sense, which is indispensable at PS5. The adaptive trigger not only generates different tensions depending on the weapons and situations, but also gives a different vibration that the existing controller has never felt in the existing controller. In addition, it offers a variety of features that can only be experienced in PS5, including 3D audio with new audio technology.

From the art direction, from character modeling to background. Thanks to the latest consoles and PC performance improvement, it is not just improving it, but it has been renovated. Not only did modeling and animation become more sophisticated, but also added more advanced light sources and various vegetation, maximizing the reality of the game.

In addition to modeling, the biggest change is the object destruction. The original Last of Earth was a game from the PS3 twilight, and it used to show graphics and directing that would not be awkward now, but the limits of the platform were clear. However, Last of Earth Part 1 broke through these limitations thanks to the powerful hardware performance of the PS5. High-quality physics is implemented, showing excellent visual effects, such as destroying covered cover during battle.


The advanced motion matching technology is also worth noting. The character animation of Last of Earth Part 1 has changed more intuitively and realistic, and in addition to improving AI, the transition of gameplay and cinematic is also more naturally improved, providing more than the original.

There is also a system of Last of Earth Part 1, which was not in the original. The first thing to introduce is the ‘eternal death’ mode. It is a mode focused on speed runs. In addition, there are a lot of new costumes that can be unlocked by improving the costume elements that were somewhat lacking in the original.

Finally, the accessibility options, which were introduced in Last of Earth Part 2, will be added to Last of Earth Part 1. More than 60 thousands of them can make the game more easily played by gamers with disabilities.

Last of Earth Part 1 will be released on September 2 as PS5, and the PC version will be released later.