On the 21st, it announced on the 21st that it will unveil its own video of the replica character series ‘Sammere’ of the SF Fantasy Multi-Platform Open World RPG ‘Tower of Fantasy’, which is developed by Hotta Studio and published by Perfect World Games and published by Perfect World Games..

In this video, you can check the information about ‘Sammere’ characters and unique systems. In particular, the interview with the broadcaster and the famous voice actor Seo Yuri, who played the role of ‘Sammere’, also attracts attention.

In the Tower of Fantasy, the user will take on the role of a pioneer who goes to the adventure of Aida. While adventure, the user meets partners such as a replica character with various charms, so the game has improved the completion by recruiting famous voice actors so that users can be more immersed in adventure.

As part of this, the replica character ‘Sammere’ was played by Seo Yuri, who created many scenes. Through the video, you can check Sayuri’s voice and interview with her, who completed the role of ‘Sammy’ who fights with her double pistol.

In her interview, Seo Yuri said, Sammy seems to be a very interesting person. I don’t care about a lot of things because I have a strong ability, but I think there’s an important thing in my mind. In other words, it raises questions about ‘Sammere’.


‘Sammy’, which shows Seo Yuri’s passion, is a person who boasts her best shooting among the elites’ Hell Guard executors. In her battle, this character makes her fear with her slender shadows and twin pistols like her lightning.

‘Tower of Fantasy’ is an RPG that allows you to have a vast adventure in a vast open world, and you can meet various replica characters through a unique replica system. ‘Replica’ is an advanced technology developed by the scientific research organization, Helgard, which allows others to learn and learn complex tactics by bringing the data by sources of weapons and memories of the elite combatant. In addition to entering both the replica battles, the replica system is applied so that users can interact and interact with the replica character.

SF Fantasy Open World RPG ‘Tower of Fantasy’ is a game with Unreal Engine 4-based cartoon rendering graphics. Users can freely explore, partners and defeat enemies in the open world of SF fantasy. In addition, you can feel the adventures and the pleasure of combat with character custom.

‘Tower of Fantasy’ is a topic that has achieved the top spot in the free game of the App Store since the launch of the global launch at the end of last year. It was selected as a feature from various media, and the number of users exceeded 10 million people and proved its success.

Tower of Fantasy, which is scheduled to be released on PC and mobile platform in the third quarter, is currently in advance, and more details on the game can be found on the official website or the official Naver game lounge.