-DRX, ‘Defending Champion’ Optic Gaming Loser 2R

-The resurrection against the FPX you have won in the group stage

DRX, who is representing Korea as a representative of the Champions Tour Masters Stage 2, went down to the loser in the playoffs.

The development and distributor of the 5-5 Daejeon character-based tactical shooting game, Riot Games, is the 2022 Champions Tour Masters Stage 2, which is being held in Copenhagen, Denmark. He said he lost one-on-two to the winning team, Kang Ho Optic Gaming, and went down to the second round of the loser.

DRX, reverse sweep victory against Leviathan

DRX won the reverse sweep victory by defeating one set in Latin America’s representative Leviathan in the first round of the quarter-final playoffs on the 16th.

DRX, who was unilaterally dragged to his opponent in the first set at ‘Ascent’, won the two-set ‘Bris’ in the second set ‘Bris’ and took the five rounds in a row.

DRX, who won a spike victory in the attack camp, finished the first half with a round score of 8: 4 with a ‘Ping Pong game’. In the second half, DRX won four rounds based on its solid defensive ability, achieving match points and winning 13 to 5 with only one round for Leviathan.

In the third set ‘Haven’, they all played. The DRX, which started as an attack camp, gave the opponent two rounds to the opponent, but won the game with a nine round in a row based on the performance of ‘Buzz’ Yoo Byung-chul and ‘Stacks’ Kim Gu-taek.

In the second half, the DRX won the match points by winning three rounds of the six rounds, but the DRX, which was pushed by Leviathan’s bold operation and allowed to pursue up to 12 to 11, showed excellent sniper skills in the last 24 rounds. Two people were overwhelmed, and the round score was confirmed by 13 to 11.

Last Masters Stage 1 DRX failed

The opponent of DRX’s playoff semi-finals was Optic Gaming, the ‘defending champion’ of Masters Stage 1. In the last Masters 1, DRX, which had been striking in the first round of the group stage and playoffs, lost its pace by losing to Optic Gaming in the playoff semi-finals.

In this Masters Stage 2, DRX, who met Optic Gaming again at the same stage, dreamed of revenge but failed.

DRX went down to the second round of the loser, defeating a set score of 1 to 2 in the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Stage 2 Playoffs Semi-finals with Optic Gaming today (18th).

The start of DRX was great. In the first set in ‘Fracker’, he won the big score gap of 13 to 4. The first half was finished in the first half, and in the process, ‘Zest’ Kim Ki-seok scored a Kill Death Margin +13. However, in the second set ‘Breeze’, he won the early nine rounds and lost four to 13.

In the last three sets of ‘Bind’, DRX finished the first half of the first half, but in the second half, ‘Albi’ Gu Sang-min and ‘Mako’ Kim Myung-gwan survived the 11-1 tie. However, DRX, who failed to stop the revival of Optic Gaming, was eventually defeated by 11 to 13.

Return to Kang Ho FPX, who won the group stage

The DRX, which has been descended to the loser, aims to revive against Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) representative Fun Plus Phoenix (FPX). DRX will play the second round of the FPX and the playoffs at 3 am on the 19th.

DRX defeated the FPX with a set score of 2 to 1 in Group B’s winner. At the time, the DRX gave one set to the FPX and went to the playoffs with a round score of 13: 6, based on five evenly.

The double elimination method is given a chance to play a loser game, but if you lose one more time, DRX’s Masters Stage 2 days will be completed.

If the DRX wins the second round of the loser and goes up to the loser semi-final, you will have one more chance to play. So far, the Korean Valorant team has achieved the best results in the Masters.

Our form has been raised more than the last stage, said DRX manager, DRX, at the press conference after the game. Even in the tactics, we are much better than other teams, including the FPX. The result will not be the same as the last stage.

When asked how to prepare ahead of the match with the FPX, which he met again in the playoffs, Kim Myung-gwan said, I think it’s not much different from before. I’m just thinking about winning.

Attention is drawn to whether the DRX, who has won the FPX, can survive as he shows his vitality in the Masters Stage 2 loser.

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