Riot Games is wrapped in a crisis with respect to the monetization of League of Legends . The community has become accustomed to the developer disappointing them with cosmetics that do not reach the minimum quality standard that players, abusive policies or a future increase in rps price expect. Speaking in silver, there are a lot of people who feel that they are paying the same as before and that the developer even skips some of the basic standards of video game development. Criticism, although quite hard, is much better based on what we could imagine.

The controversy of the community with the Skins on Guardians of the stars

Although no Skin can be liked by the whole world, the return of the stars were a moment of relative calm, but the controversy has shot because of the introduction of the second run of aspects of this theme in the PBE. Most fans liked Akali, Taliyah and the rest of the characters. However, they have seen one of the company’s most crazy movements on the test server. While as soon as the ** Chromomas de las Skins were included in Beta, Riot Games changed to the default version.

In other words, although the work was done, The developer has decided to withdraw it League of Legends when skins reach live servers.


This situation has generated great frustration in the community. In the official feedback thread on the presolled models of the stars guardian skins there are a total of 94 comments in which the word Chroma is repeated 253 times. In almost all of them, insisting that the version that modified the color of the skills is not eliminated. However, in the PBE there is no trace of these modifications and an employee of Riot Games has assured that the color changes in the VFX are not within the reach of the basic chromas, although we are exploring the possibility to create a new type of more ambitious modifications of this type in the future. Unfortunately, our experiments arrived at the PBE by mistake.

The day Riot Games criticized herself by accident

This context has resulted in notable criticism among the community, which already accumulates too many disappointments followed by the developer. A context that has made players relive a very special video of the company. It was part of a series called So you want to make video games in which developers gave advice to future designers. A basic approach that included more than ten minutes of footage on VFX (visual effects) and in which, without realizing it, the developer was fiercely criticizing its own products .

The truth is that the footage is difficult to answer and the players have reached a conclusion. If choosing a color that suits the model is good for the clarity of the game since helps identify what each champion is doing , not doing so is bad by definition. However, Riot Games has been repeating this practice in League of Legends over the last years and that takes the opposite of the good practices of a developer who has shown to have more than enough talent to significantly increase the quality of its products. It does not seem to be an excessive workload and, although it would lead to a small price increase, there are many players willing to face it.

In any case, not the next 12.14 patch will not be the one that includes the changes that the community expects. Riot Games needs to transform and convince players again in everything related to monetization. With the exception of some balance failures in somewhat controversial champions or premieres, the game is an ideal state and it is a shame that this type of cloud situations that could have been an almost perfect year for League of Legends.