On the official website of APEX LEGENDS , an avatar for VTuber was suddenly started. Avatar can be used for Vtube Studio, which is being distributed for free for PC (Steam).

APEX Legends is an online FPS game released in 2019. Characters called legends will fight in battle royal mode, where 60 people compete in 20 units. Since the release of this work, creators’ activities have been actively performed on each video distribution site. Many people, such as streakers and professional players, are distributing this work live, and is also a popular content on distribution platforms such as Twitch.

And today, the legends of this work have been released as Vtuber’s avatars on the APEX LEGENDS official website. Three types of avatars are being distributed, related to the Gaiden event held from July 20 Japan time.

The distribution this time is Mirage/Ocutan/Bangaloll’s avatar for Vtuber. Both are dressed in a new legend skin distributed at the Gaiden event. Mirage and octane are characterized by a design that reminds you of popular characters in manga that also develop animation. Regarding Bangalor, it will be an avatar wearing a newly appeared Prestige skin.

Each avatar can be used at Vtube Studio, which is currently being distributed for free at Steam. You can capture your expression using a web camera or iOS device and reflect it in the avatar. For detailed introduction procedures, please refer to the TXT file attached to the APEX Legends official website or the file of each legend avatar (all written in English).

All avatars are full-fledged work, and they change their facial expressions according to the capture. In addition, the distribution file also comes with additional animation that enables abundant expressions. In addition to emotional expression, animation that expresses the characteristics and gestures of each legend can be used. An animation that expresses the character’s hand is also included. A set of gamepads and keyboard mice from the legend’s arm. If you use these, you will be able to color the screen as if the legend was playing the game.

In addition, a HUD overlay to hide the player ID in streaming distribution. It is also equipped with image materials for YouTube or Twitch emotion function. It is possible to create a distribution screen that is exhausted to the details.


In APEX LEGENDS, it has been distributed in Wrays with a motif of popular Vtuber Haru, a popular Vtuber Haru. And this time, on the contrary, the VTuber avatar is distributed from the official. I would like to pay attention to the success of the legendary Vtuber, which may appear in the future.