The dramatic simulation RPG Fuga on the Battlefield, which became a hot topic in the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Cyber Connect Two and the company’s first publishing, was announced, the sequel title Fuga 2 on the Battlefield announced. The site has been released. Detailed information will be released on July 28.

Fuga 2 on the battlefield Teaser site: https: //

Detailed information On the same day, the first anniversary special live distribution of many talk talks related to Fuga on the Battlefield, and two volumes of e-books on the official comicalization Fuga Steel Melody will be distributed. So, this work user should check it out.

◆ July 28 (Thursday) The live distribution of the 1st anniversary special program Fuga on the battlefield is decided!

Fuga on the battlefield is the first anniversary of its release on July 29, 2022! In the special program, we will develop a talk talk that can be said only because of the first public event and our publishing title, from development to release, and from the release to the first anniversary. Questions in comments under distribution are also welcome, and Mr. Hiroshi Matsuyama, a representative and producer, and Murakami, a producer of Fuga on the Battlefield.

■ Distribution URL

■ Delivery date

2022 Thursday, July 28, 20: 00-21: 00

■ Performers

Cyber Connect Two
MC: Kazu Tajima, Production Conductor: Hiroshi Matsuyama, Producer: Tetsuya Murakami

◆ Official comicalization The melody of the fugue steel on the battlefield e-books for e-books!

■ The chain of revenge does not stop…

In order to find a family taken away, the Marts continue to fight the Bermann army on the huge tank Taranis. On the way, I meet children, Chick, Hack, Sina, and Jin in similar circumstances. On the other hand, a mysterious ghost voice is heard from Taranis…?

As an appendix only for books, Taka Adachi’s setting drawings, the game software Fuga on the Battlefield and the development blog developed by Cyber Connecto Tow, Representative Director, Hiroshi Matsuyama.

2022 Delivery decision on July 28,! Reservations will start from July 21 at the e-book store. Please check the e-book store you are using.

■ Title

Melody of fugue steel on the battlefield (2)


■ Price

440 yen (tax included)

■ Delivery date

2022 (Thursday) * Reservations will start from Thursday, July 21

■ Author

Original: Cyber Connect Two
Manga: Mr. Kakafumi Adachi

■ Published / Released

Cyber Connect Two

■ E-book publishing

Number nine

Other platforms can play the story 1 to Chapter 3 of Fuga on the Battlefield, and the trial version that can take over save data to the product version has been distributed on July 14th. Why don’t you play this machine if you haven’t experienced it?

◆ Fuga on the battlefield trial version is now available on each platform!

The trial version can be played from Chapter 1 to Chapter 3 of the story, and the trial version save data can be taken over to the product version. If you haven’t played yet, please try it!

■ Trial version download page
* Epic Games Store will be notified as soon as it is distributed.