For some time there has been a rumor regarding the relaunch of GoldenEye 007, which has not been able to see the light of day due to rights issues related to the film. For its part, it has also been mentioned that there is a more specific issue, one that is directly related to the current war between European countries.

As reported by industry insider Jeff Grubb on Twitter and confirmed by Eurogamer, a remake of the Nintendo 64 classic is still in limbo due to the war. While unofficial, this would match reports that the title has been in a near-complete state for a while with only its announcement still missing.

Here the statements:

Goldeneye is still in limbo due to the war. The 1 v 100 team leader left Microsoft. I don’t know what that means for the game.

The Xbox TrueAchievements i achievements website listed the game back in January, and it’s not the first time Microsoft has tried to get GoldenEye on its consoles. A Xbox 360 Live Arcade version of the original was confirmed to be in development, but was canceled due to licensing issues and game files were leaked online in February 2021**.

For now, it only remains to wait for two issues to materialize, the first and most important is the war of Russia against Ukraine, which although it has not generated new news, is still mobilizing at this time. The second, a confirmation from Microsoft that tells us that at some point we will see the return of such a legendary spy to consoles.