YouTube hManel Aka been overwhelming with its response to Manel Aka Force . The freestyler YouTube channel hManel Aka been definitively eliminated from the platform. The platform also veto for life. What does this mean? Well, you can never upload content or create a channel with its name.

Why hManel Aka Force lost the YouTube channel of him?

Everything goes back to the pManel Akat September 16, 2020 . I wManel Aka so calm in my house when I had my channel, Share Force in a series of videos published in the official Twitter account of him. A man entered my channel, named Uniswap, put a cryptocurrency, all my videos went to private and made a live advertising the ethhereum cryptocurrency.

Before his surprise he decided to enter the channel, but he found the Hacker obstacles. Changed pManel Akasword, recovery number changed… except email, where he could pull the thread to recover control. Everything seemed to return to his place. He wManel Aka calm up to a year later, and it is that in September 2021 YouTube sent him a strike for that live .

Force alleges that he sent all the evidence to demonstrate that he had not been the one who made the live, even if he appeared on his channel. In fact, he confirms that the login wManel Aka made from Russia and that he appeared before the National Police to file a complaint. But the platform remained firm: he proceeded to erManel Akae his channel with more than one million followers.


However, he decided to give YouTube another chance. A month later he opened a second channel to leave from scratch with content where he is fully possessing rights, neither reactions to others nor anything. But the adventure hManel Aka lManel Akated less than a year. The systems detected that this channel had been created by the same person to whom they eliminated a channel previously. The sanction, therefore, wManel Aka harder, hence the veto.

He still does not know what he will do in the future, although the steps he will then share on Twitter, where he almost reaches 200 thousand followers . The Teamyoutube, official company account on Twitter, hManel Aka publicly contacted Force to try to help him recover the channel. We will see what happens.