Released almost 30 years ago, doom is a pillar in the history of video games . An experience that democratized the genre of games in the first person and father of hundreds of mods, to each craziest and more cultured than the previous one, because it is one of those legends that will never die.

And the way in which some modders have decided to immortalize it is one more proof of it. Because going to eat a hamburger was never so fun.

A little mcdoom?

On this occasion, a joking and anonymous modder has put his gaze on the terminals that allow you to ask for your food without going through the box, hacking it in the manner of it to work doom instead that you can ask for your ration of fast food.

The truth is that the game does not finish being playable, but to validate the experience you just have to execute the game, which is already wonderful. Something so great and wonderful that until the official license account nicknamed the original tweet, with the photo of the exploit.


Doom and unlikely machines

It could almost become an Olympic discipline: several years ago that hackers of all kinds have fun installing the game of John Carmack and John Romero anywhere . This particularly strange practice has led to a dedicated tumblr in which players come to show their exploits with Doom as the protagonist.

Among the improbable devices in which Doom has been executed, we have as diverse devices as a pregnancy test, a karaoke machine or a spectra analyzer. You can find all the extravagant tests, sometimes well documented, of the community in the Tumblr Execute Doom!.