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Felix Magath is reminiscent of Uwe Seeler: Has lived the HSV

Felix Magath has actually experienced Uwe Seeler for years: initially as a version, then as a player of the effective succession at Hamburger SV, later on even as a HSV coach under the HSV president Seeler.

In a meeting with the German Press Agency, the 68-year-old master train of FC Bayern Munich and VfL Wolfsburg tells regarding the late football idolizer.

Why was Uwe Seeler so preferred?

Felix Magath : Nowadays they say: He was authentic. That’s why he played football out of passion, for fun, from a pure will to win. My very first soccer footwear in Aschaffenburg were also from Ung Uwe.

extra: Reiner Calmund mourns the loss of Uwe Seeler

That is precisely my impact. He lived football, he lived the HSV: that is what people suched as in my eyes. A career, as Uwe Seeler made her, is no more possible today.

Is this appeal of Uwe Seeler and also the fantastic compassion of his death likewise share the longing of lots of people for football from the past? When the video game was also allegedly truthful, aggravating and also much less money-driven?

Magath was released by Seeler

Of program, it was a very bitter experience for me to have to leave HSV like this. Uwe Seeler additionally made me head trainer in 1995 and also thus allowed me to enter the Bundesliga. It is like this in professional football: it is much more challenging to obtain right into specialist football than remain there.


Nevertheless, they are among the couple of individuals that in some cases had disappointments with him: HSV train Magath was launched in 1997 by HSV President Seeler.

Felix Magath (68) played 354 affordable video games for Hamburger SV in between 1976 and 1986, with whom he won the European Mug in 1983. The then HSV Head of state Uwe Seeler made Magath head instructor in 1995 prior to releasing him in 1997. Many coaching terminals in the Bundesliga adhered to for Magath.

To individual

He was an icon. None that hovered over anybody. That is also so extraordinary: in my time as a HSV gamer, Uwe Seeler lived following to the training area. He was present, he kept seeing throughout training, he constantly had a word for us, simply put: he was barely. Even after his occupation, he never pulled him back in the spotlight, but always back to the base: to the soccer field.

** You switched over to HSV four years after Uwe Seeler’s career end. With them, the HSV won a European Cup twice and the German champion 3 times. Was Seeler still a long darkness for Horst Hrubesch, she as well as Co.?

Is this popularity of Uwe Seeler and the great compassion of his fatality likewise express the yearning of several people for football from the past? You switched to HSV 4 years after Uwe Seeler’s career end. That is likewise so exceptional: in my time as a HSV player, Uwe Seeler lived next to the training area. Uwe Seeler additionally made me head train in 1995 and also hence enabled me to go into the Bundesliga. The after that HSV Head of state Uwe Seeler made Magath head train in 1995 before launching him in 1997.

The very best mods for Stray

While roaming may be among the biggest breakout hits of the year, there are a few aspects of the game that can look like incomplete, particularly for gamers that are seeking a bit of it Adjustment for their cat-like heroes . If you continue to play PC You have the choice of adapting points to your specifications so that you can get in also much deeper into the graphics alteration and also the adjustment options for your brand-new preferred hero.

Let us immerse on your own and also look at several of them finest offered mods for Stray , as well as what you can anticipate throughout installment. Right here are our leading 10 faves with which you can further enhance your game than in the past.


TOP 10 of the very best Roaming mods for computer

1. SplitScreen-Mod

7. Glasses mod

If you are looking for a completely brand-new cat with which you can explore the world, this is one of the ideal visual mods in the game. You eliminate all the traces of the Ginger Cat that decorates the cover of this game and also change it with a classy black midnight cat with the most fascinating little white mustache.

6. Black cat with white mustache

If you enjoy all of this Streunen to offer, make certain that you section Stray Overview Where we cover whatever Where do I find the cassette, exactly how do I discover all the door codes as well as resorcodes, and even where you can discover a coat for Elliot . Experience Just how to submerse a basketball via television channels, and also the finest places ** rest away the day.

If you are seeking an additional somehow useless yet charming mod, the glass mode for your cat buddy is a fascinating enhancement to any type of player version of Stray. So that your kittycat looks much more sophisticated than ever before, you can maintain this stylish sunglasses while working through the city. With the number of access computer in the game , you need to see to it that they appropriate for blue lights. Integrate it with the newspaper hat above as well as you have the most intelligent cat there is.

It is stated that 2 heads are far better than one, so why not bring a companion right into the fray that aids you with some of the more tough problems in the game? While among them seeks his robots and stores helps in requirement, another person can be searching for Energy beverage containers to trade for notes Or, if you wish to get involved in a cat-like turmoil, you can explore this world together with your favorite pal to make sure that you can experience Stray right together.

Since Streunen utilized an excellent level of camouflage, it can not injure to reveal on your own from its ideal side Great manager cosplay and act you to be with an unpublished spin-off title called Meow-tle Equipment Strong sneak. If you like all of this Streunen to use, make certain that you area Stray Guide Where we cover everything Where do I locate the cassette, exactly how do I discover all the door codes and also resorcodes, and also even where you can find a poncho for Elliot . Experience Exactly how to immerse a basketball via television channels, and also the finest spots ** sleep away the day.

The very first adaptation mod on our checklist is quite very easy. Simply a little cat with a little hat, yet with a great deal of personality. You can place on this trendy natural leather cap while moving via this wild cyberpunk city and also one of the most trendy kitten on these streets. Since you are the only cat in this city, it’s uncomplicated, however you will certainly really feel stressful while strolling about. This mod likewise collaborates with all various other mods, including new hair, to make sure that you can entirely change the look of your cat according to your wishes.

3. Some fat cat

If you are a follower of pet cats, but they such as tall as well as beefy, this may be the perfect mod for you. Also if you are looking for something to make the game a little funnier, this is the perfect mod.

8th. Muted switches

9. Balloon cap

And there we have 10 of the ideal mods for wander off! If the game matures, you will certainly discover that much more exciting mods appear. So if you have not yet found a function or mod in which you are in love, the players are well en route to understand this!

4. Eye flap mod.

2. Cat change

5. Basic reasonable 3D

If you play Streunen On the PC you just have the option of displaying your controls in the typical Xbox key layout . You will certainly locate that whatever has a rather even more sensible tone as quickly as you have tried this mod, and also although the base game is so great sufficient, it will be hard for you to switch it back after you have actually provided it Easy sensible 3D Mod a shot.

While a lot of them are cosmetics for your cat, you will also find a couple of various other features that make the game look also better than ever, so allow us discover what awaits us!

This mod adds to settling the experience also further, and also can be something that would such as to have a person who plays through a 2nd time. You will no longer see them a or y With context-dependent buttons, you will just see a little point instead that reveals that something is offered.

10. Double staircases 4 keys

You may not have an opportunity to come throughout you if you were looking for your particular cat in these mods. Below this mod comes into play by creating your own cat and can venture right into the world with her. By changing your fur color, eye color and more, you can make the cat of your desires as well as cars and truck in the wild globe of the unknown. This can make the adventure a little extra individual, specifically with your ideal buddy at your side.

You need to see this mod if you want to bring the globe from roaming to bring even extra to life You will locate that the general globe is darker, with fantastic lighting impacts that help you to easily relocate with these dark and also moist streets. You will discover that every little thing has a somewhat more realistic tone as soon as you have tried this mod, and although the base game is so wonderful sufficient, it will certainly be difficult for you to change it back after you have actually offered it Simple reasonable 3D Mod a shot.

Given that Streunen used an excellent degree of camouflage, it can not harm to reveal yourself from its ideal side Great employer cosplay and act you to be through an unpublished spin-off title called Meow-tle Equipment Strong sneak. Comparable to the previous available cosmetic mods, you can use them with any type of wanted cat color to make sure that you can make your own slim, common stealth machine while sneaking with the darkness and also concealing in boxes. Thankfully, there are no enemy snakes in the game, so you do not have to worry about wonderful competitors.

If you play Streunen On the PC you just have the choice of showing your controls in the typical Xbox crucial format . With this mod you can see your native PlayStation buttons so that you can play through at any type of time without having to ask yourself whether you are pressing the right button.

Last of Earth Part 1, what has changed and improved

It is often said that it is a remaster that improves the resolution and texture of the original, and adds some convenience to the latest platform. One more here. In recent games, some games have a change in the middle of the remake and remastered. In June, ‘Last of Earth Part 1’, which announced the news of Rebuild through the summer game fast, is representative.

About a month later, the change and features of ‘Last of Earth Part 1’, which are different from the original, and the video play, were released today (22nd), the PlayStation blog. ‘Last of Earth Part 1’ is a new game that made the original last of Earth for PS5 and PC. It is characterized by improved graphics, character modeling, animation and cinematic, and it is newly torn down based on the successor ‘Last of Earth Part 2’, not just a little trimming modeling. Prior to the full-fledged explanation, the co-chairman of Neu Titi’s Neil Drugman said, It is a game that was originally closer to its original vision.

The introduction of the game’s change, features, and systems was introduced by Shaun Escayg creative director and Matthew Gallant game director.

Last of Earth Part 1 operates in native 4K 30 frames and dynamic 4K 60 frames. If you are a gamer who is sensitive to graphic and resolution, you can play the game with Native 4K, and if you want to play the game with a soft frame.

I didn’t miss the combination of Dual Sense, which is indispensable at PS5. The adaptive trigger not only generates different tensions depending on the weapons and situations, but also gives a different vibration that the existing controller has never felt in the existing controller. In addition, it offers a variety of features that can only be experienced in PS5, including 3D audio with new audio technology.

From the art direction, from character modeling to background. Thanks to the latest consoles and PC performance improvement, it is not just improving it, but it has been renovated. Not only did modeling and animation become more sophisticated, but also added more advanced light sources and various vegetation, maximizing the reality of the game.

In addition to modeling, the biggest change is the object destruction. The original Last of Earth was a game from the PS3 twilight, and it used to show graphics and directing that would not be awkward now, but the limits of the platform were clear. However, Last of Earth Part 1 broke through these limitations thanks to the powerful hardware performance of the PS5. High-quality physics is implemented, showing excellent visual effects, such as destroying covered cover during battle.


The advanced motion matching technology is also worth noting. The character animation of Last of Earth Part 1 has changed more intuitively and realistic, and in addition to improving AI, the transition of gameplay and cinematic is also more naturally improved, providing more than the original.

There is also a system of Last of Earth Part 1, which was not in the original. The first thing to introduce is the ‘eternal death’ mode. It is a mode focused on speed runs. In addition, there are a lot of new costumes that can be unlocked by improving the costume elements that were somewhat lacking in the original.

Finally, the accessibility options, which were introduced in Last of Earth Part 2, will be added to Last of Earth Part 1. More than 60 thousands of them can make the game more easily played by gamers with disabilities.

Last of Earth Part 1 will be released on September 2 as PS5, and the PC version will be released later.

Tower of Fantasy, Sammere Voice Actor Seo Yuri Festival

On the 21st, it announced on the 21st that it will unveil its own video of the replica character series ‘Sammere’ of the SF Fantasy Multi-Platform Open World RPG ‘Tower of Fantasy’, which is developed by Hotta Studio and published by Perfect World Games and published by Perfect World Games..

In this video, you can check the information about ‘Sammere’ characters and unique systems. In particular, the interview with the broadcaster and the famous voice actor Seo Yuri, who played the role of ‘Sammere’, also attracts attention.

In the Tower of Fantasy, the user will take on the role of a pioneer who goes to the adventure of Aida. While adventure, the user meets partners such as a replica character with various charms, so the game has improved the completion by recruiting famous voice actors so that users can be more immersed in adventure.

As part of this, the replica character ‘Sammere’ was played by Seo Yuri, who created many scenes. Through the video, you can check Sayuri’s voice and interview with her, who completed the role of ‘Sammy’ who fights with her double pistol.

In her interview, Seo Yuri said, Sammy seems to be a very interesting person. I don’t care about a lot of things because I have a strong ability, but I think there’s an important thing in my mind. In other words, it raises questions about ‘Sammere’.


‘Sammy’, which shows Seo Yuri’s passion, is a person who boasts her best shooting among the elites’ Hell Guard executors. In her battle, this character makes her fear with her slender shadows and twin pistols like her lightning.

‘Tower of Fantasy’ is an RPG that allows you to have a vast adventure in a vast open world, and you can meet various replica characters through a unique replica system. ‘Replica’ is an advanced technology developed by the scientific research organization, Helgard, which allows others to learn and learn complex tactics by bringing the data by sources of weapons and memories of the elite combatant. In addition to entering both the replica battles, the replica system is applied so that users can interact and interact with the replica character.

SF Fantasy Open World RPG ‘Tower of Fantasy’ is a game with Unreal Engine 4-based cartoon rendering graphics. Users can freely explore, partners and defeat enemies in the open world of SF fantasy. In addition, you can feel the adventures and the pleasure of combat with character custom.

‘Tower of Fantasy’ is a topic that has achieved the top spot in the free game of the App Store since the launch of the global launch at the end of last year. It was selected as a feature from various media, and the number of users exceeded 10 million people and proved its success.

Tower of Fantasy, which is scheduled to be released on PC and mobile platform in the third quarter, is currently in advance, and more details on the game can be found on the official website or the official Naver game lounge.

FIFA 23 embraces the new generation on PC and details its cross -game system

FIFA 23 arrives Series the lSeriest dance between EA Sports and FIFA. His farewell after almost 30 years of collaboration is not exempt from important novelties, especially in terms of connectivity. From the launch it will have cross-play functions on all platforms, although with limitations. In addition, The PC version is updated to incorporate all the characteristics of the current generation .

How will cross game work on FIFA 23?

The company used a part of FIFA 22’s trajectory to prove how the connection of platforms from different families would fit. On that occSeriesion, it wSeries limited to several game modes within the user package with the next-gen, that is, PS5, Xbox Series X | S and Google Stadia. The tests seem to have paid off, and that is that in the next installment the possibilities are extended.

The cross-playing system of FIFA 23 divides the community according to the generation in which it is located. PS4 and Xbox One will play with each other without restrictions, while the second package is formed by PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PC and Google Stadia. You can connect with friends in ways like friendly online and the equivalent in Ultimate Team. This is because the two 2013 consoles have playable differences regarding technologies such Series hypermotion2 used in their successors.

The unification of ecosystems will affect the speed of Matchmaking. They can play against players of your same generation in modes such Series SeSerieson online, Fut Rivals, Fut Champions, FUT Friendly Online Fut and Fut Draft online. In essence, the support reaches the game modes 1VS1 .

FIFA 23, on the way to launch

Series we said, FIFA 23 plans its launch on September 30 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch (Legacy). Some days before, on September 27, they can participate in early access who have acquired the Ultimate edition.

In Meristation we have already known in depth its main playable novelties. Meet everything that awaits you at the controls by clicking here.

Gensin Influence 2.8: Exactly how to understand the challenge of the starry skies


Just how to understand the obstacle of the starry skies in Gensin Effect 2.8

Currently that you know exactly how to complete the challenge of the starry skies in version 2.8 from Genshin Impact, do not fail to remember to check out exactly how you will obtain a cost-free fish in the occasion of the event, as you start Kazuhas Tale Mission, along with an introduction All unveiled as well as dripped Sumeru characters.

Genshin result is presently available for computer, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 as well as mobile devices-Android and also iphone.

Versus this background, we advise you to finish the obstacle, always anticipate the path of the projectile and afterwards move accordingly, as you can avoid you much more quickly and also at the very same time for an extra optimum search. It is also essential to mention that after the 30-second mark has expired, a number of projectiles that cover the entire area will certainly show up continuously. To avoid them, they run diagonally to the opposite side. If you face projectile from all directions, go down to broaden your options.

The current phase of Summertime Odyssey by Genshin Impact is there and also this time around gives the gamers the opportunity to immerse yourself in Monas Fata Morgana. Aside from that, much like in the domains of Fischl, Kazuha and also Xinyan, the players have to fix a variety of puzzles as well as difficulties to continue, with the obstacle of the stellar skies being just one of the trickiest. Well, so that they can finish Mona’s mission collection, right here is how to complete the challenge of the starry skies in Genshin Impact .

The obstacle of the evening sky is to take control of Mona, as they need to stay clear of the many projectiles or stars that come in their instructions. In order to finish the difficulty, you need to prevent the celebrities for a total amount of 1 min, whereby it must be thought about that they immediately fall short as soon as they are hit by 30 projects.

Stray: Last news, where to buy, download game, reviews, guides and passage, rating and reviews

Stray is a third-person adventure game, the action of which unfolds on the neon streets and in the gloomy, dirty gateway of the dying cybergorod. Wandering around the basements and roofs, defend yourself from unexpected threats and unravel the mysteries of this inadquire place where there is no one but indifferent droids and dangerous creatures.

Look at the world through the eyes of a wandering cat and interact with the environment in the most bizarre ways. When meeting with the strange inhabitants of this alien world, you have to be invisible, agile, unreasonable, and sometimes annoying.

On the way, your cat will make friends with a small flying drone B12. With the help of a newfound friend, you will certainly find a way out of the city.

Wow: Dragon Flight brings silly potions that just function if you are dead

This formula is lifted with Dragon Flight. If your personality has actually currently blessed the time, due to the fact that there are potions that you can just drink. If you are not mindful, there are likewise potions that have an unfavorable effect. We reveal you the crazy, brand-new effects of the potions and phioles in Dragon Flight.

Beverages and also vials have a lengthy tradition in Globe of Warcraft. With several guilds, they are conventional or obligatory, as their effects can be the tongue on the ranges in order to dominate a strenuous employer. Generally, the effects of such alchemical items are relatively clear: you swallow them and afterwards bring even more power in combat-as long as you live.

The remedy of Warcraft: Dragon Flight reaches a new degree of absurdity. We have provided the craziest effects for you.

What kind of potions exist? An entire collection as well as most of them have rather turned effects. Tänke go after the popular Kiss/Curse scheme-a solid, favorable impact, which, nevertheless, also has limitations. A few of the much more safe variations are about these:
| Potion of chilled Quality: lowers the mana price of magic by 100 %, but raises the magic time for a period of 14 seconds by 20 %.| Potion of Frozen Emphasis: Consume alcohol the potion to put your body into a raised state, in which you regrow 14,000 mana over 10 secs, but are defenseless up until your focus is broken.

He already has this potions comparable. However Dragon Flight additionally brings a few potions with dramatically even more devastating effects, such as the incredibly recovery potion, which is rather a downside:

Remedy of Withhering Vitality: Drinks the ugly mixture to heal you by 75,000 life factors right away, but you experience the exact same value as damages over the training course of 15 secs.

This indicates that you can obstruct damages, however after that you need to recover continuously so as not to die.

beverages that are produced the dead

However, it ends up being particularly unreasonable with the potions that you can utilize while you are dead. Read correctly. Please do not ask just how your character still reaches into the backpack and also treats himself as a dead male, but the adhering to potions will certainly likewise be available with Dragon Flight:
| Residual Neural Channeling Representative: While you are dead, the opponent’s awareness assaults with the remains of your own and also causes 18,000 damages over 18 seconds. If you are restored, the continuing to be damages will certainly be included right away. The release of your mind allows your awareness return to you as well as finishes the result.| Fragile Suspension of Spores: Utilize this on a fallen ally to spread recovery spores, which are affixed to allies and also recover them by 12,000 throughout 6 secs. Can be used to yourself while you are dead.

A few of the brand-new phioles are additionally intriguing. These replace the previous containers as well as additionally featured a Kiss/Curse result:
| Phial of Icy Conservation: As long as you have over 50 % life points, your endured damages is minimized by 6 %, yet increases by 6 % as long as you are at 50 % life points.| Iced Phial of Corrupting Craze: Obtains a ruining temper that grants you a 330 vital hit ranking. After you have experienced an overall of 100 % of your life points as damage, you alter briefly to overwhelming temper that brings upon 100 % of your life factors over 30 secs.

These 2 phioles are plainly strong and fairly interesting effects, but they can fire strongly if you endure way too much damages in the fight.

Bear in mind that the specific worths and effects can still change-after all, Dragonflight has only been in the alpha.

What else changes in alchemy? A great deal. While experts probably just want to have the best of the ideal, it needs to additionally develop a large mark in which the lower top quality of potions is sold at spin rates.

What do you think of the new effects of the potions? A cool thing or are potions just silly throughout fatality?

** The remedy of Warcraft: Dragon Flight reaches a brand-new level of absurdity. There are also potions that have an unfavorable effect if you are not careful. We reveal you the insane, new effects of the potions as well as phioles in Dragon Flight.

We have summed up more for you in Dragon Flight here.

** What kind of potions are there? Please do not ask just how your personality still gets to into the backpack and also treats himself as a dead male, but the following potions will certainly likewise be readily available with Dragon Flight:

Valorant Champions Tour Masters 2: Copenhagen Playoff Intermediate Results

-DRX, ‘Defending Champion’ Optic Gaming Loser 2R

-The resurrection against the FPX you have won in the group stage

DRX, who is representing Korea as a representative of the Champions Tour Masters Stage 2, went down to the loser in the playoffs.

The development and distributor of the 5-5 Daejeon character-based tactical shooting game, Riot Games, is the 2022 Champions Tour Masters Stage 2, which is being held in Copenhagen, Denmark. He said he lost one-on-two to the winning team, Kang Ho Optic Gaming, and went down to the second round of the loser.

DRX, reverse sweep victory against Leviathan

DRX won the reverse sweep victory by defeating one set in Latin America’s representative Leviathan in the first round of the quarter-final playoffs on the 16th.

DRX, who was unilaterally dragged to his opponent in the first set at ‘Ascent’, won the two-set ‘Bris’ in the second set ‘Bris’ and took the five rounds in a row.

DRX, who won a spike victory in the attack camp, finished the first half with a round score of 8: 4 with a ‘Ping Pong game’. In the second half, DRX won four rounds based on its solid defensive ability, achieving match points and winning 13 to 5 with only one round for Leviathan.

In the third set ‘Haven’, they all played. The DRX, which started as an attack camp, gave the opponent two rounds to the opponent, but won the game with a nine round in a row based on the performance of ‘Buzz’ Yoo Byung-chul and ‘Stacks’ Kim Gu-taek.

In the second half, the DRX won the match points by winning three rounds of the six rounds, but the DRX, which was pushed by Leviathan’s bold operation and allowed to pursue up to 12 to 11, showed excellent sniper skills in the last 24 rounds. Two people were overwhelmed, and the round score was confirmed by 13 to 11.

Last Masters Stage 1 DRX failed

The opponent of DRX’s playoff semi-finals was Optic Gaming, the ‘defending champion’ of Masters Stage 1. In the last Masters 1, DRX, which had been striking in the first round of the group stage and playoffs, lost its pace by losing to Optic Gaming in the playoff semi-finals.

In this Masters Stage 2, DRX, who met Optic Gaming again at the same stage, dreamed of revenge but failed.

DRX went down to the second round of the loser, defeating a set score of 1 to 2 in the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Stage 2 Playoffs Semi-finals with Optic Gaming today (18th).

The start of DRX was great. In the first set in ‘Fracker’, he won the big score gap of 13 to 4. The first half was finished in the first half, and in the process, ‘Zest’ Kim Ki-seok scored a Kill Death Margin +13. However, in the second set ‘Breeze’, he won the early nine rounds and lost four to 13.

In the last three sets of ‘Bind’, DRX finished the first half of the first half, but in the second half, ‘Albi’ Gu Sang-min and ‘Mako’ Kim Myung-gwan survived the 11-1 tie. However, DRX, who failed to stop the revival of Optic Gaming, was eventually defeated by 11 to 13.

Return to Kang Ho FPX, who won the group stage

The DRX, which has been descended to the loser, aims to revive against Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) representative Fun Plus Phoenix (FPX). DRX will play the second round of the FPX and the playoffs at 3 am on the 19th.

DRX defeated the FPX with a set score of 2 to 1 in Group B’s winner. At the time, the DRX gave one set to the FPX and went to the playoffs with a round score of 13: 6, based on five evenly.

The double elimination method is given a chance to play a loser game, but if you lose one more time, DRX’s Masters Stage 2 days will be completed.

If the DRX wins the second round of the loser and goes up to the loser semi-final, you will have one more chance to play. So far, the Korean Valorant team has achieved the best results in the Masters.

Our form has been raised more than the last stage, said DRX manager, DRX, at the press conference after the game. Even in the tactics, we are much better than other teams, including the FPX. The result will not be the same as the last stage.

When asked how to prepare ahead of the match with the FPX, which he met again in the playoffs, Kim Myung-gwan said, I think it’s not much different from before. I’m just thinking about winning.

Attention is drawn to whether the DRX, who has won the FPX, can survive as he shows his vitality in the Masters Stage 2 loser.

2022 Valorant Tour Masters Stage 2 Copenhagen’s game can be watched live through Twitch , YouTube , African TV , Naver, and details of the competition YouTube , Instagram , Facebook , You can check it through Twitter **.

LOL: Riot improves some skins by accident and the companys reaction shocks the community

Riot Games is wrapped in a crisis with respect to the monetization of League of Legends . The community has become accustomed to the developer disappointing them with cosmetics that do not reach the minimum quality standard that players, abusive policies or a future increase in rps price expect. Speaking in silver, there are a lot of people who feel that they are paying the same as before and that the developer even skips some of the basic standards of video game development. Criticism, although quite hard, is much better based on what we could imagine.

The controversy of the community with the Skins on Guardians of the stars

Although no Skin can be liked by the whole world, the return of the stars were a moment of relative calm, but the controversy has shot because of the introduction of the second run of aspects of this theme in the PBE. Most fans liked Akali, Taliyah and the rest of the characters. However, they have seen one of the company’s most crazy movements on the test server. While as soon as the ** Chromomas de las Skins were included in Beta, Riot Games changed to the default version.

In other words, although the work was done, The developer has decided to withdraw it League of Legends when skins reach live servers.


This situation has generated great frustration in the community. In the official feedback thread on the presolled models of the stars guardian skins there are a total of 94 comments in which the word Chroma is repeated 253 times. In almost all of them, insisting that the version that modified the color of the skills is not eliminated. However, in the PBE there is no trace of these modifications and an employee of Riot Games has assured that the color changes in the VFX are not within the reach of the basic chromas, although we are exploring the possibility to create a new type of more ambitious modifications of this type in the future. Unfortunately, our experiments arrived at the PBE by mistake.

The day Riot Games criticized herself by accident

This context has resulted in notable criticism among the community, which already accumulates too many disappointments followed by the developer. A context that has made players relive a very special video of the company. It was part of a series called So you want to make video games in which developers gave advice to future designers. A basic approach that included more than ten minutes of footage on VFX (visual effects) and in which, without realizing it, the developer was fiercely criticizing its own products .

The truth is that the footage is difficult to answer and the players have reached a conclusion. If choosing a color that suits the model is good for the clarity of the game since helps identify what each champion is doing , not doing so is bad by definition. However, Riot Games has been repeating this practice in League of Legends over the last years and that takes the opposite of the good practices of a developer who has shown to have more than enough talent to significantly increase the quality of its products. It does not seem to be an excessive workload and, although it would lead to a small price increase, there are many players willing to face it.

In any case, not the next 12.14 patch will not be the one that includes the changes that the community expects. Riot Games needs to transform and convince players again in everything related to monetization. With the exception of some balance failures in somewhat controversial champions or premieres, the game is an ideal state and it is a shame that this type of cloud situations that could have been an almost perfect year for League of Legends.


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