Domestic Developer Ark System Works has conducted a special live broadcast of the new battle DNF DUEL scheduled to be released on June 28.

In this broadcast that has been around for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, Riku Ozawa of Ark System Works, which co-develop this work together with 8ing, and Ryosuke Furuya, director of DNF DUEL, have the features of the game with actual images. Introducing the contents. In addition to the common operation method, after touching the tutorial that contains individual characters and combo instructions, the collection elements such as illustrations and avatars, and the collection of world language language from each mode that can be played al1. Various techniques and various combo were performed in the development of the development company tournament.

DNF DUEL is based on the MO action RPG Dungeon Fighter Online, which has been developed by Nexon umbrella, which has been operating since 2006, has been developed by Neopul, a world-global player. the work. 16 characters that are familiar in the original, such as Berserker and Ranger, and online players/rank matches, such as Story, Survival, and Arcade, set on the original stage that is converted to 3D. You can enjoy competition multiplayer.

In addition, this work is equipped with a one-button special technique not only for command input, but also with a skill button and a direction key input. In the online match, roll back net code is adopted. The launched platform is PC (Steam)/PS5/PS4, supports crossplay between PS5 and PS4, and also supports free upgrades from PS4 to PS5.

Currently, the digital version is 7,480 yen on Steam, and each retail store is accepting reservations for PS5/PS4 package version. As an early purchase privilege for package version only , a serial code of Warrior Creator who lost the way and DNF DUEL title that can be used in the original Arad Senki is included. The PS Store’s DNF DUEL page is available here.