The Arenanet studio revealed in its blog the details of the closest update of the MMORPG Guild Wars 2. The volumetric post begins with the story of the leading system designer Cameron Rich about the Missions End of Dragons Stike. Rich claims that since the appearance of test modes in shock missions, players began to flock to them more than ever, including the number of those who had not participated in them significantly.

In addition, the team listens to the reviews of awards for these missions. On June 28, changes will be made, starting with the doubling of gold for the raids. A new high-quality reward will also appear, which can be obtained in two ways.

In addition, the team talked about improving the availability of raids, saying that the raids on the Guild Wars 2 raids may have a high entry barrier. Thus, the studio seeks to break this barrier by introducing the Emboldened system.

_ Every week, one of the seven existing raid wings will be transferred to the strengthening mode. At the entrance, the raid participants will receive their first glass of strengthening Emboldened, which gives additional health, damaged and improved healing to help them in battle against each boss. Each time the raid destroys this boss, they receive another glass that gives up to 100% additional health, 50% increase in damage and 50% increase in treatment efficiency. After the victory over the boss, the Emboldened is dropped to 1. The Emboldened mode is completely optional, and for those who prefer tests, it can be turned off. _

You can read all the details on the game website.