Throughout the weeks I have told you everything you should know about the Elden Ring finals: what they are, as they are and the threads of missions necessary to obtain them. However, there is something pending that I have not explained in previous guides: how to see them all in the same game so as not to have to do new game+ to obtain the platinum.

Time trips at Elden Ring

You already know that Elden Ring has 6 finals: 4 of them almost identical and 2 very different. They are called era of fragility, it was stellar, it was those born in the dark, it was of order, the blessing of despair and lord of frantic flame.

Of all the endings, only the era of fragility was star and lord of frantic flame have trophies/achievements necessary to get platinum and 100% of the video game. This requires the game at least 3 times, 6 in case you want to see all the endings. The good news is that I am going to teach you How to see all in your first game .

Step 1: Complete all the necessary missions threads

Era of fragility *: Standard end. It is enough to get to the end.
It was stellar : Ranni Misiones thread.
Era of those born in the dark : FIA missions thread.
Era of order *: Missions thread of Brother Corhyn and golden mask.
The blessing of despair : Missions thread of Zampaheces.
Lord of frantic flame : Missions thread of Irina and Edgar, Hyetta Missions Thread and Vyke’s story.

Important notice: do not accept the frantic flame before making the manual save, but annoyed the operation travel operation. Advance to the grace of the olive flame door and you will return later.

Step 2: Final boss and make a manual save

You should keep in mind that once you sell the final boss there is no turning back (you can’t make a fast trip), so you have todefeat it at least twice *. I’m sorry, I know he will hurt you more than me. Make the manual save just before the final boss. How to make a manual save?

* PC : Windows button> Search: ejutar> Write Appdata> Access roaming> elden ring> backups> creates a new capeta (name: pirulí, for example)> Remove Elden Ring> access the folder whose Name are many numbers> Copy the file that ends in.sl2> Paste the file in pirulí> Enter the game and continue.

To restore the game it is enough to copy the archive of the Pirulí folder and paste it (replace) in the original numbers folder. If you do not delete the lollipop folder you will have the manual save to go back in your departure as many times as necessary.


This PS5 method is the most widespread, but usually gives errors. To be totally safe, my advice for PS4 and PS5 (I did so) is that you close the game, disconnect the Internet console (you can play offline) and copy the game saved in your console to a *Pendrive .

Every time you complete an end, you have to close the game and copy the pendrive file to the console. There is no failure and it also serves for Bloodborne, for example.

* Xbox : Administer games and accessories> saved data> click on the saved file> If a window appears with erase everywhere (do not press it) you know that you have the game both in the console and in the Cloud> Access the game and disconnect the internet from the console in the network section If it appears only delete from the console, you have done well. Bórralo> Connect to the Internet> Start the game (while I pray)> If a window appears with the message Synchronizing Elden Ring data, you can breathe. > Repeat the process.

This method is very risky and more than one user has reported that he has lost his departure. If it is possible to keep the Xbox disconnected from the Internet and perform the same system as in PS5/PS5 with a game saved in a pendrive, do not hesitate to do so. I don’t have Xbox to try it. If you do this method successfully, tell me in comments.

Step 3: See all the endings and the specialty Lord of the Frenic Flame

In what order should you see the finals? Regardless of whether you want to see 3 or 6 finals, I recommend this order:

  1. Make a manual saved before the final boss.
  2. Accept the frantic flame (which blocks the rest of the endings) and defeats the final boss.
  3. Return to the past copying the file you have copied into another folder (PC) or on a pendrive (consoles).
  4. Defeat the final boss, unlocks the grace of the final zone and Make another manual saved .
  5. Access each of the 5 finals. Remember that every time you see an end you have to close the game and replace the file saved manually.

And it would be! I am aware that it is a process that can take a while (especially on consoles) and that can be annoying, but it is a more viable alternative than completing Elden Ring between 2 and 5 times more.

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