This Monday (13/6/2022), the new PS Plus arrives and other locations on the American continent. The Premium plan is not an option for us now, as we currently don’t have all the network support needed for streaming games, massive games like the PS3. Still, we have the Deluxe plan, a viable option that promises to bring many titles in the future. Before showing you how to upgrade projects, let’s answer some pertinent questions about the new PS Plus.

Why is the games catalog not complete?
Of course, you must have seen everywhere that we will have access to more than 400 titles, but when you check the lists, they are barely over 100. Especially the classic list, which promises more than 200 games; when we check it out, there are less than 20. Well, the answer to that is straightforward: we won’t have access to the complete list immediately. Games will be added later, and there may be differences by region. You’ll be able to get your hands on titles inside PS Plus, but that might take some time. We can only hope this process does not take too long, as the players are anxious.
It’s not like we don’t have excellent titles, like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ghost of Tsushima and Red Dead Redemption 2, and so many others that will please different audiences.
If you have any questions about pricing or the game catalog, we have a complete guide to the new PS Plus.

How to change the PS Plus plan via PS4?
If you use PlayStation 4, to change the plan, you will have to follow these steps:
When turning on the console, a new icon with the inscriptions PS Plus Games will be visible
Select the icon and click on the first option
Just choose which plan you want, as all three will appear
If the option is not available, look for PlayStation Store (which is usually the first icon)

Click on PS Plus
Select Choose your new level, and you will be able to upgrade your plan
In this tab, it will be possible to see the differences in values since your plan will be automatically changed to Essential
In this same tab, you can go further to the right and click on Game Catalog to check which games are available
If you go even further to the right, you can click on Classics Catalog to check the games in the Deluxe plan
You can also click on Game Reviews to find out which games are available to try (usually will be with Aloy’s image in Horizon: Forbidden West )
As usual, traditional PS Plus free games can also be seen in Monthly Games

How to change PS Plus Plan via PS5?
After turning on your PS5, look for the PS Plus icon, which will probably be the first.
Select the icon and then select Enhance (also the first option)
Just choose which plan you want (all will be available on the screen)
The game catalog, monthly games, and classics are visible after clicking on the first icon, as the PS5’s interface is much more intuitive and accessible than the PS4’s.