After having actually made his weapons at CD Projekt as a senior producer for a number of years, Marek Markuszewski devotes himself today to his own video game jobs within the Starward Industries studio he established in 2018. Amongst these projects, We remember that he revealed in 2020 the development of the unyielding , after that presented as a spirited video clip thriller adjusted from the uniqueThe unyieldingof the Polish writer Stainslaw Lem.



For the document, the video game invites you to personify Yasna, an astrobiologist sent to the earth regis III in order to clarify the disappearance of a previous exploration bring about on-site researches. In a retro-futuristic context and a visual that remembers the sci-fi movie theater of the 1950s, the player will need to discover the earth as well as raise the shroud on the secrets it houses thanks to advanced equipment (for the time).

The game has actually been discreet for several months currently, but comes out of the shadows to deliver an initial gameplay remove, in a first-person usable series. We find Yasna there in the footprints of the missing out on staff, in the heart of the desert canyons of Regis III as well as while the tools left by the previous expedition takes on an uncommon behavior… We keep in mind that Marek Markuszewski guaranteed a gameplay making the Gorgeous to the gamer’s intelligence, his deduction abilities as well as his instinct. The trailer seems to support this method: the personality is not a competitor (however a researcher) and also his feeling of monitoring will be clearly crucial.

Summary of the invibleible gameplay

For the document, the launch of The Unyielding was initially revealed for 2021, before being delayed to 2022 and today, the Starward Industries studio no more interacts a launch date. An option that might be explained by the fact that Starward Industries as well as the publisher 11 little bit studios have simply developed a posting collaboration around the title, strengthened by the fact that 11 little bit workshops has just taken a minority engagement in the funding of Starward Industries. Additional funds that probably enable the developer to afford the time essential to design his game as he pleases, at his own speed.