The trailer of the 9 years of shadows, which depicts attractive battles and action with classic pixel art, was unveiled on the online showcase guerrilla collective3, which was held as part of the summer game fest.

The world has been robbed for nine years. The protagonist of the game, Europa, holds only a Halbird bag and enters the Talos Castle with the source of darkness. Although the beginning was alone, Europa was able to interact with various characters in the game and grow with help and deal with powerful enemies.

In this video, you can check the attractive pixel art graphics, the advantage of the game. The smooth action, illustration, and the enemy’s great enemy wielding Halbirds are drawn attractive even in the early days of the game, which is embodied in gray t1. In the world where the color is found after meeting the magical bear Afino, a colleague who joins the journey, the classic atmosphere and more colorful weapons are expressed.

Various gimmicks can also be found in the video. On the stream of the water that comes down as if it is a background, you can change your body like a mermaid, avoid thorny fields with a two-stage jump, and move the narrow passage with the Morp Ball of Metroid.

It is music that plays an important role in the game with color. The mysterious composer in the game is drawn as a helper for players, and music plays an important role in the story. Halbird Studio participated in Yamane Michiru and Hibino Norihiko as guest composer. Yamane Michiru played the game music of ‘Blood Stained’, the new work of Igarashi Koji, the father of the Demon Castle series and the father of the devil. Hibino Norihiko is also famous for composing cinematic and in-game music such as the Metal Gear Solid Series and Bayoneta.

‘Nine Ears of Shadow’ can be enjoyed in the fourth quarter of 2022.