Capcom has released the new Gile character information about the latest work fighting game Street Fighter series Street Fighter 6 .

Guils, who fight for the country as a pilot of the U.S. Air Force, have also appeared in the latest Street Fighter 6. He succeeded in dismantling Shadleu, defeating his friend Nash, and enjoying a peaceful life with his family. However, his eyes are looking at the next battlefield. It is said that a new mission is waiting for Gale.

Guile in Street Fighter 6 has evolved to use the same techniques and new techniques.

◆ Evolved into a battle style suitable for the latest work while inheriting the tradition

Guile is good at fighting while inheriting the characteristics so far and taking a distance with the opponent. With the new battle system Drive System, powerful techniques are developed along with the green and yellow effects!

The special technique that can be said to be his synonym is still alive in this work! The Sonic Boom, which emits shock waves from both hands, and the Summer Salt Kick, which intercepts the opponent in the air, is both powerful. If you take a distance, Sonic Boom, and if you jump in, let’s take advantage of the Summer Salt Kick and an impregnable battle style.


Sonic Blade that appeared in Street Fighter V appears as a special move instead of V skills! If you knead the stagnant shock waves on the spot and repeat the Sonic boom, you can shoot it as Sonic Cross. Guile that has grown further as a fighter. Here are three super arts!

■ Sonic Hurricane (SA Level 1)

Super Arts released in front of Guyle that appeared in Street Fighter ZERO3. Very versatile techniques, such as countermeasures for combo and flying tools, and reversal play when under pressure. In this work, the ground and anti-aircraft are prepared.

■ Solid Puncher (SA Level 2)

Solid Puncher that appeared as Guile V Trigger I in Street Fighter V appeared as a super art! With the shock wave in both hands, you will be able to fire the small shock wave Sonic Break.

■ Crossfire Summer Salt (SA Level 3 or CA)

It is a completely new super arm that you can see Summer Salt Kick at the end of the opponent with a powerful shock wave and kicking against the opponent who floats in the air!

■ Stage

This Guile stage is an aircraft carrier floating on the sea. Airplanes in flight, flags of various countries, and cheerful spectators appear. Battle unfolds on the new stage of Guile!

How has the new skills, new stages, and stories and Guiles in this work have changed? Street Fighter 6 pushes to a new era. I’m looking forward to delivering new information that provides new experiences of fighting fights one after another.

Street Fighter 6 will be released in 2023 for PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Steam. The price is undecided.