Disney and Pixar are faced with Disney Speedstorm. In this dynamic, high-octane race, you will frantically twist the fists along the controller during the race and leave the opponents far behind. Acceleration plays an important role in this, so you may be interested in how to get acceleration in Disney Speedstorm.

How to fill the scrap scale in Disney SpeedStorm


Acceleration is an important resource in Disney SpeedStorm, and there are several ways to fill the acceleration scale. Constant filling guarantees that you will get speed explosion when you need it. Here’s how to get more acceleration in Disney SpeedStorm.

  • Drive through Speed Pads
  • Drift

  • Use grinding rails
  • Skills & Abilities
  • Role-playing ability

The most reliable ways to get acceleration in Disney SpeedStorm: drifting and passing booster pads . These blue pads are located throughout the highway, which allows you to easily drive along them. The drift will slowly increase your acceleration, and you will receive a large portion when release the drift button.

A certain abilities and skills can also give an impulse. In addition, the role of your rider will also determine how he can get an increase. For example, Tricksters receive acceleration, drifting, while Defender receive more from following another racer.

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