Games for PlayStation VR2 were already one of the main themes promised for the June 2022 State of Play, and Sony brought four new features, including a version of Resident Evil 8 that will please fans of the franchise. As if that wasn’t enough, we can also see a new trailer for Horizon Call of The Mountain, which takes place in the universe of Horizon, the Sony exclusive.

The Walking Dead also made its appearance, showcasing a walker-infested world in its new chapter, Retribution, and No Man’s Sky, bringing its interplanetary exploration.

List of games for PSVR2
Resident Evil 8: Village (2022)
Horizon Call of the Mountain
No Man’s Sky
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution
All are exclusive to PS5. It will only be possible to play them with PlayStation VR (virtual reality) through the console. Horizon Call of the Mountain will be exclusive to PSVR2, but TWD will likely be available to PSVR as its release window is scheduled for this year, and PSVR2 won’t be released until 2023

Resident Evil 8: Village PSVR2

Fans already anticipated the version of Resident Evil 8 for PSVR2, especially after the previous game, RE7, won a version in virtual reality. Sony’s technology is expected to be released in 2023, so there’s no possibility of the game being released later this year.

Sony’s exclusive for PS5 has excellent graphics, and we can only wait to see if immersion in the technology will be as intense as they promise.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution

The game already had a teaser trailer released this year, but the State of Play brought more gameplay and news about the launch. It will be available in 2022 for PSVR and will be playable on PSVR2 in 2023, also being a PS5 exclusive.
We checked out the game’s graphics and more of its gameplay which feels quite immersive. It is likely to be more dynamic than the first chapter.

Horizon Call of the Mountain

Taking us to explore the universe of Horizon Zero Dawn in virtual reality, the exclusive for PSVR2 shows amazing graphics, climbing, machine fights, and lots of interaction with a rich scenery.

We will be able to use the classic bow and many other weapons throughout the game. You can see rivers and lakes in the trailer, so we’ll probably be able to swim. Among the environments shown are some tropical and forest, rocky, mountainous (which is the main proposal), and even glacial scenarios.

It is already evident that we will have a lot of parkour in the game, including long-distance jumps, climbing different (mostly mountains), zip lines, and much more.

No Man’s Sky

It’s a survival and exploration game, but with an interplanetary theme. We’ll pilot ships and mechas, discover new planetary systems, enter machine battles, etc.

The game has a proposal that is perfect to be explored through PSVR2, mainly because it is possible to drive ships in the first person, which must be a fantastic experience when we think about exploring the stars and the incredible freedom that the game gives from the start.