To become a street bully is an ambitious career path that requires flexibility and strategy. To become better in any of the professions of Street Hustler, you need to improve your Street Hustler skills, training, speaking and choosing a good place.

What are Street Hustler skills in Bitlife?

In Bitlaif, Street Hastler this is a package of tasks which you can purchase as DLC in the game. When you get a Street Hustler package, you will have a choice of four different ways: Busker, Street Performer, Scam Artist and Panhandler. From any of these works, you will need to improve your STRET HUSTLER skills to advance in your career.

How to improve your Bitlife Street Hustler skills

Whatever specific specialty you choose in the career of Street Hustler, make sure that you are actively practice your actions or fraud on the Work tab . This is the right way to improve your STRET HUSTler skills. You also need to carry out regular representations and tasks in your work in order to increase your skills.


Think where you live and follow the streets on which there are too many police or too few cars. Ideally, you want Street with low police activity , high pedestrian traffic , and-if you are a fraudster, a high crime rate. The police are the main restraint in the career of Street Hustler; In the best case, they will slow you down, and at worst they will arrest.

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