-From May to the end of the year, regular competitions at e-sports facilities nationwide-semi-semi-annual competition-annual competition structure

**- & , divided into general departments and middle and high schools.

-Unnation at e-sports facilities by June. # 1 prize money 200,000 won

The Korea e-Sports Association announced the annual plan of the 2022 e-sports club, based on the national e-sports facility today (30th).

‘esports facility’ is an Internet computer game facility that can lead the e-sports culture (hereinafter referred to as PC Room, hereinafter referred to as PC Room, with the aim of revitalizing the local e-sports culture and securing basic economic facilities. ) It was newly established in 2020 as a project to formally designate and apply as an esports facility.

The Korea e-Sports Association is conducting a designation of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s e-sports facility, and the ‘e-sports club competition’ will be held at esports facilities nationwide to revitalize the local e-sports culture and strengthen the role of e-sports facilities.

The 2022 e-sports enthusiasts were selected as the official sport of League of Legends (hereinafter referred to as ) and EA Sports FIFA Online 4 (hereinafter referred to as FIFA Online 4). June, August-October), semi-annual competitions (July, November), and annual competitions (December).

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The competition is divided into general and middle and high schools. At the regular competition, the national team by e-sports facility will be selected, and the national team will participate in the semi-annual competition to compete. The last annual tournament will be played by the e-sports facility teams who won the semi-annual competition to cover the best talent among esports facilities.

The prize money is awarded to the top team of the regular competitions, and 200,000 won will be awarded. In the case of FIFA Online 4, all participating players will be paid. In the semi-annual competition, the total prize money is 5 million won and the gaming equipment is paid by ranking. Nexon Cash will also be provided to the FIFA Online 4 winning team for the semi-annual and annual competitions.

This year’s regular competition is actively recruited at the national e-sports facility. It will be held by the end of June, and it will be held at every facility.