ASUS (ASUS), a global consumer notebook and gaming notebook market leading brand, announced that it has achieved the No. 1 market share in the domestic commercial notebook market in the first quarter of this year.

The Pinnacle of Performance | ASUS Launch Event

According to the domestic PC market survey published by market research firm IDC Korea, ASUS achieved 31.6%of the market share of commercial notebooks, achieving the first place. In particular, ASUS stood out in the domestic market, ahead of Samsung Electronics, which was the first in the foreign brand, and LG Electronics, the third-largest market share. As a result, ASUS has solidified its position as a leading brand in the entire PC sector, not only for consumer and gaming, but also in education and commercial sectors.

This achievement is that Corona 19 has increased the demand for home work and online classes, and ASUS has quickly responded to new areas such as public, enterprises, education and rental markets, and actively targets new markets. do. In addition, the company also provided a lot of choice to consumers with various commercial lineups based on product power, from Windows Notebooks to Chromebooks and ExpertBook series.

In the first quarter of this year, ASUS signed a contract with the Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education to distribute 280,000 units of three educational smart terminals. This is not only the largest ever in the history of Korean PCs, but also the fact that ASUS has successfully entered the educational market with high barriers to entry. Educational smart terminals will be completed in the first half of this year to the entire school in the province.

ASUS is not only accelerating these online and offline education preoccupation, but also expanding its occupation rate in the PC rental market. If you rent a business device, you can significantly reduce the cost of managing your device, so you are interested in companies such as startups. In addition, the rental market is emerging as a new consumption in the business industry because it can be financially financially operated and updated the latest devices and software. ASUS will continue to expand its market share by continuing to significantly increase its supply in education and public sectors, starting with the contract of delivering desktops and laptops to Korea’s largest rental company.

In addition, in May last year, it was the second time in Busan for the second time in Busan. In collaboration with Google and Busan Office of Education, it received a lot of attention by providing know-how in the field of education such as curriculum cases using Chromebooks and workspace manager console services.

ASUS leads the domestic commercial market through various activities that attract high satisfaction from B2B customers by expanding consulting services such as customized services, ASUS educational solutions, and training seminars.

In addition, ASUS is a premium service for corporate customers, which provides customized services considering various business environments of corporate customers with the ASUS Premium Care For Business. It supports a wide range of services, including the operation of a counseling center for corporate customers for rapid feedback, guaranteeing a national day-to-day visit, supplying parts priority, and accurate services through professional engineers.

In addition, the company spared no investment in expanding service centers. This year, a large number of educational devices were distributed to Gyeongsangnam-do area, and in March, the Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education was established in Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do. The company plans to provide high-quality A/S services such as product maintenance so that students can use ASUS products conveniently.

Peter Chang, president of Asus Korea, said, “We are very significant about the fact that ASUS has recorded 1 commercial notebook market share in the Korean market, which is the core in the global market.” In addition, it will be a brand that will continue to be loved by Korean consumers based on competitiveness such as customized consulting and solid post-service for education and new markets. ”

In addition, Asus Korea Clinical Day Country Service Manager said, “ASUS is a premium service for corporate customers through cooperation with ‘KNetworks’, the largest maintenance company in Korea, which has a national network to provide differentiated after-sales service to corporate customers. It is providing back, ”he said.“ We will continue to invest in the Korean market and consumers to provide optimized follow-up services. ”