Phoenixx Inc. has released the latest work of “Cinematic novel Games” and “Fault” series “ Fault-Stp-Lightkravte ” by Alice in Disseonance.

This series draws a human drama based on the concept of “Youth Manga-style Adventure Tan, which does boy manga with girls”, and released “Fault-Milestone TWO” in 2021.

The “FAULT-STP-LIGHTKRAVTE” announced this time is the content of the past work “FAULT-MILESTONE ONE” five years ago, and is playing the previous work in the Lizenhide, the hometown of Litona and Serphine. You can enjoy it without it.

The protagonist of this work is the son Curge of an ordinary orchard who lives in the development of the kingdom “Luzenhide” where the technology “Manakraft” has developed. Curge, who had been studying every day to draw painting, spent peaceful days while losing confidence in his talent and personality. However, at one time he was shocked to be shocked. The scenario is over 200,000 characters, and the illustrations are more than 50 cuts.

“FAULT-STP-LIGHTKRAVTE” is being distributed on a PC (Steam).