Publisher Microprose Software officially announced on May 26 the dot painting adventure “ Let Bions Be Gones “. The compatible platform is PC (Steam).

“LET BIONS BEGONES” is a point & click-type adventure game. He suggests “Future Noir Thriller” as a genre. The stage is the planet Terrahive. Corporate buildings and space elevators have dropped multiple shadows and are dominated by the “Ancient Brains”. It is also a star where people’s desires, corruption, progress, immortality, etc. are swirling.

And the main character is John Cooper, a hard-boiled detective. He lives a harsh life in a slum in a huge city with a population. At one point, Cooper decided to find a noble girl who was missing. At first it seemed to be a simple incident, but the situation would eventually move in an unexpected direction. The story dares to use Kriche (promise), and it is said that it incorporates new challenges, ideas, and twists while developing stories with common characters and plots.

The world in this work is a future dystopia, and it is a world where you can do anything with money. The gap between rich and poor is severe, and while the wealthy are god-like, the middle class is trying to be wealthy. And the poor are completely different, alive in a seemingly free society. “Let Bions Be Bygones” is said to be expanded in a cooper from the middle class, and a wealthy client and victims, as well as a poor society. So Cooper builds various people, sometimes breaks, and has an effect. It is said that more than 50 characters appear in the story.

Players will make various choices through the story. It seems that the options in such situations can be divided by four directions. There are classifications such as “taking a logical and scientific approach”, “applying ruthless pressure using guns”, “trying to sympathize with people and connect”, and “do what you need to do with laughter.” By choosing these different options, players may have a variety of experiences and sometimes have the choice to bring harsh results. It is said that the choice that appears in this work exceeds 1000.

There are more than 20 search places. It seems that various locations in cities, such as an oriental street with a neon blinking city and kanji signs, and a dim bar. In search of these places, they may encounter more than 20 side quests, deepening the story. Includes more than 100 kinds of Steam achievements.

And the story seems to have a completely different ending depending on the player’s choice. The ending is said to be more than five types, and the selection of the player will bring infinite variations. The theme of the story in this work is how one of the fundamental fears of mankind is treated in the virtual extreme state in the future dystopia.

Indie Studio Bohemian Pulp is the development of “Let Bions Be Gones”. In a studio led by the founder DJORDJE Markovic, five core members are involved in the development of Let Bions Be Gones. The work is a virgin work of the studio, and the goal is to continue making games under the philosophy of powerful narratives and wonderful atmosphere.

“LET BIONS BEGONES” will be released for PC on Steam.