Genshin Impact is finally preparing for the arrival of update 2.7 and the landing of a new character. Yelan is about to arrive in the game, and from HoYoverse, they wanted to offer us the possibility of having the first contact with her. As usual, the developers have created a small mini-game in the form of a web event to introduce the next significant five-star addition. This is The Key Clue, a miniature challenge in which we will have to find the culprit of leaking information from the Liyue Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Requirements, rewards, and how to complete the Yelan web event
The Key Clue web event has no Adventure Rank requirement and is available now and can be completed until May 31 at 8:00 p.m. CEST. As usual in web events, we can access it from the official Genshin Impact page, and all we need to play is to log in with our account. As for how it works, it is a mainly conversational challenge in which we have to deal with various suspects of having carried out the leak.

Admittedly, the Key Clue event has been confusing for some players, which is particularly true if we haven’t been paying close attention to the conversations between Yelan and the suspects. However, all we have to do is read the report of each of them and point out the keywords to carry out the accusation. The culprit is always the same, so you can quickly fix the event by accusing the Greedy Member of the Treasure Thieves.

The truth is that Yelan’s web event will not go down in history as one of the funniest in the game. However, once we have accused the Greedy Member of the Treasure Thieves, we will get some rewards that will be available almost immediately in the internal mail of the game, which will help us get a new character to promote him. Specifically, by completing The Ultimate Track, we will contact the following items for our Genshin Impact account:

Protogemas (x40)
Varunated Lazurite Fragment (x3)
Sea (x20,000)
Mystic Refining Ore (x2)
Note: Some players have experienced problems with the web event in its Spanish version, as they could not select all the tracks. In case you encounter the same issue, click on the world ball (top left) and change it to English to be able to select the keywords of the suspects.