Did you finally get the idea to play Pokéclicker and find that your fingers and hand joints start to hurt from clicking? It’s normal, and the body is not made to withstand this. If you are not careful and play for many hours, you could even be at risk of tendinitis, a prevalent ailment among people who perform repetitive movements. And if you’re not ambidextrous, without the ability to switch hands to click from time to time, the pain can quickly become overwhelming. Here are three ways to avoid this and limit wrist pain.

Use a trick
It’s not a legitimate way, but it’s probably the best way, so you don’t have to click yourself. However, if you are a beginner, be aware that the browser game will automatically click if you leave it running in the background. The click speed will be the lowest and never as fast as your fingers.
Scripts like auto clicks allow you not to have to touch the mouse during the day if you need to (see below). Still, some more advanced scripts will enable you to cheat a bit more by tweaking game parameters like triple the speed of fights, improving the hatching system of eggs, increasing the gain of Dungeon Tokens, or even increasing the chances of finding rare Pokémon.
Significant cheats will allow you to get all of the game’s resources automatically, but, except for speedrun reasons, there isn’t any point in doing it in a “normal” game, and it would take a bit of the fun out of it.

Scripts and auto clicker to automate the game
With these open source tools, Pokéclicker is much easier. This is even highly recommended on Reddit and GitHub, two platforms where you can find many scripts to, for example, automate breeding and hatching your eggs, mining, or entering and fighting dungeons.
In short, it’s like leaving the game running as you normally would, but without worrying about having to come back every X minutes to check on your fossils, berries, bosses, and other eggs.
Guide on Reddit
Scripting en GitHub
Link to an auto clicker

Hire someone to play for you!
We’re kidding, of course, but you can also save your game (primarily via Discord), export it, and import it to a friend’s computer who could play for you. This is particularly handy if you are away for a while. Note also that it is possible to play in your phone’s browser: this does not change the fact that you have to click relentlessly, especially in dungeons, but the position of your fingers will be different, and touching the touch screen could become more pleasant.
Either way, consider taking breaks and doing some joint exercises to limit the damage.