Stardew Valley is perfect for you if you want to escape everyday stress. Simply relaxed a bit of farming, fishing, getting to know people and maintaining animals, what should go wrong? Well, a lot, as probably everyone knows that have experienced Pelican Town’s everyday madness for a long time. Anyone who played Stardew Valley probably knows the following situations only too well.

David Molke

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As a freelance author, David writes for fish and has loved Farming-Sims hot and intimate since the first Harvest Moon. Stardew Valley gives him everything he has ever wanted from the genre. Accordingly, he now looks back at around 300 hours of play, which are spread over the Nintendo Switch and the PC. The many absurd little things still bring him to, uh, smile.

sleepless nights in Stardew Valley: The energy and sleep problem

Almost everything in Stardew Valley consumes energy and we have to be in the trap at 2:00 a.m. at the latest. This is the biggest challenge, especially at the beginning of a new farm. After all, there is so much to do and so little time and even less energy. Fortunately, the energy can be replenished by eating and drinking, but there is simply no escape before the night’s sleep.

Total breakdown: Too often it has already happened that I just wanted to do these two (or three, four, five) things quickly and did not make it home in time. If we collapse with exhaustion, it can be evil awakened: let’s just do it just like that, that’s half as wild. If fate overtakes us elsewhere, we end up in the hospital and have to do sheets.

Particularly uncomfortable: Anyone must have discovered us and dragged us into the clinic to Harvey. He then even searches our pockets in order to spend money on this questionable service. Attention, mini spoiler: Fortunately, there is a way in the end game to solve the problem once and for all with a magic wand.

Fishing: If we only catch crap in Stardew Valley

You certainly know it: After a short time we can also fish in Stardew Valley. The big problem with mechanics is that firstly it is quite difficult to learn and handle and secondly it is not particularly fun. Unfortunately, fishing is also the most difficult at the beginning and then becomes more and more easy, which should actually be the other way around. But be it.

I Took Over Pelican Town To Make A Tea EMPIRE And Became A Tea TYCOON

It is particularly annoying at the beginning, of course, when we fish tons of garbage from the lakes, rivers and the ocean. Broken glasses, broken CDs, wet newspapers, driftwood, you name it. The algae appear almost welcome and valuable, after all we can feed them. What is needed bitterly with all the waste of energy.

Pro tip: to fish on the property of your own farm in the small pond, you can save yourself directly if you use the standard layouts. Here I have never caught anything out of trash over the years and I think I have tried it very often and for a long time. With a really good fishing, the right baits as well as fishing equipment and a large fish bar at the perfect place, the whole thing is really fun at some point.

The Pelican Town shop opening times are just a horror

Pierre’s shop is something like my personal Mecca at the beginning of a new farm in Stardew Valley. But even after 300 hours, it still happens regularly that I just don’t think that Pierre is closed on Wednesdays. However, it is even more annoying when he is in the shop but is not behind the counter. I can’t buy anything like that, Pierre! And I need this fruit tree now!

Museum and Schmiede: Particularly effective farmers combine a shopping at Pierre’s with a walk to Schmied Clint and the museum below. After all, we want to complete the collection, improve our tools and let all the geodes open. But who the hell can remember these opening times? Just nobody. Too often I was already in front of closed doors.

But at least you can just look at the map who opens exactly when. As soon as you meet the corresponding requirements, there is also the possibility in the course of the game to comfortably drive through the area with the lore and thus save a lot of time.

friendships, love and gifts in Stardew Valley

The gift system and heart and affection is such a thing in itself. Once we have found out who likes what, we can shower our heart with affection. The system is a bit of simplicity, but it is quite fun.

Stupid only , if we accidentally give away something completely different than we actually plan. Or we actually just wanted to talk to this one person briefly and accidentally give her a freshly shelled fish. Too often has happened to me that I have raised the residents of Pelican Town against me because I accidentally gave them what was not planned.

** Of course, this is particularly annoying if it is a super rare prismatic shard or the like. Not that I had already experienced this and actually wanted to get the best weapon of the game, no… but well, in an emergency you can always simply end the game without saving and start the day again.

milking animals, hearts and feeding is a test of patience

Once you have built the stables, you can of course also hold animals on your farm. They have various demands and give the best products if you can regularly have to freeze, are properly fed, milked and caressed.

I will never get over it , how nasty it feels to accidentally want to milk a cow that I have already milked and that can no longer give milk on that day. Or a goat. Or a pig. The noise alone still gets me ready. Fortunately, there is a machine later.

The same applies to the possibility – or my constraint developed from it to stroke the animals. I hate little more than if they actually love animals so much drive me crazy because they go wild and gentlemen while I try to really stroke every1. Almost a thing of impossibility!

Are you not sure if you want to experience this everyday life yourself? Our test video will certainly help:

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If you already know Stardew Valley inside and by heart, it may be thirsting for more. Then we have good news for you: Eric Barone Aka Concerned Ape is already working on a game that plays at least in the same universe as Stardew Valley. It’s called Haunted Chocolatier and, as the title already reveals, is about chocolate. Again, there should be a lot of curiosities waiting for us that drive us a little crazy, but somehow belong.

What are your favorites when it comes to the everyday absurd madness of Stardew Valley? How long have you been working in the game?