If the reports are true, it seems that the restart of Twisted Metal receives a new developer. Lucid Games, the developer behind Allstars Destruction, was originally at the origin of the development of the restart. Although it is not clear why development has changed, I must feel that bad allstars destruction performances are behind all this.

Destruction Allstars did not really lit up the charts. Most importantly for Sony, criticism did not care much either. The fact that Sony refused Bend Studio for Days Gone 2 despite his good sale tells me that Sony was not delighted with allstars destruction.

The studio that is currently working on the restart of Twisted Metal is unknown. All we know for the moment is that this is one of the Sony owners in Europe. Whatever the studio, let’s hope they are able to create a fun and frantic experience.

Twisted Metal Is Now Being Developed By Firesprite After Sony Removes IP From Lucid Games

I am sure Sony wants it to be a success because they also have a TWISTED METAL TV show that comes out. Having a successful television program to support a successful video game would be an excellent boost for Sony on two different fronts. I don’t know if one or the other will be good, but it seems clear that Sony cares about quality.

I feel a little bad for Lucid Games, however. Destruction Allstars was not great, but losing the chance to learn and grow with this game must prick a little. It was not a horrible experience. The studio clearly has talent. Hopefully they are able to bounce back and create a fantastic experience for their next match.

I don’t know when we have this restart of Twisted Metal, but I hope the best for that. I have never played Twisted Metal before, so it would be my first experience. I also hope that the television show is great. I am not sure at all on this subject, however.