We are all waiting for the God of War Ragnarok release date as it is one of the most anticipated video games on PS5 and PS4. So, any news related to the adventures of Kratos and Atreus dazzles us. Now, we know an essential novelty that will help even more people to enjoy it.

Through the official PlayStation Blog, the accessibility options that the game will have been presented. To make it easier for everyone to read or control the characters, a variable interface has been added to make it more flexible and the ability to customize the combat system or interactions. We are going to collect all the additions that have been announced.

These are some of the novelties that have been incorporated in God of War Ragnarok to facilitate the control of the character and the game in general through accessibility:

Run/AutoRun: Tilt the joystick to start running and release it to stop. When activating the auto-run function, you will begin running by tilting the joystick in one direction for a short time. The time you must keep the joystick tilted is fully configurable.

Fixed point (grid always on): If you need more focus points to reduce motion sickness or a fixed reminder of the screen’s center, you can activate a center point in three sizes and seven colors.

Aim Style: You can choose to hold or press/release to aim.

Lock style: You can choose between long press or press/release to lock.

In addition, other functions have been added, especially to make it easier to read and adjust colors:

Size of subtitles and closed captions: We have increased the minimum size of the text and added more scaling options. This includes an extra-large text size to make subtitles and closed captions more readable. We’ve also allocated a larger text area in line with television and film subtitling standards.

Subtitle and closed caption colors: You can adjust the color of each speaker and the body of subtitles and closed captions separately. You can choose between seven different colors.

Caller Names: Similar to God of War (2018), you can choose to show or hide caller names. Also, you can control the size of this text independently of the UI text size.

Closed Captioning – We’ve expanded the closed captioning of sound effects to add new ways to understand what sounds in-game. We’ve added closed captions to both cut-scenes and normal gameplay to add more information to the world’s soundscape. You can also turn on closed captioning to receive crucial information to help you progress through the game through puzzles and narrative elements.

Background blur for subtitles and closed captions: We’ve included options to blur the background behind the text to make it more readable over complex scenes.

Subtitle Background – In this option inherited from the 2018 game, in addition to blur, we’ve included options to darken the background behind the text to make it more readable in environments like snow. This high-contrast background offers various opacity options.

Finally, the buttons can also be reassigned so that each user can change it in their way and make it easier for them to go, being able to customize the experience, even modifying the actions that need more than one button, such as unleashing the Spartan fury or even the turns rapid. Thus, you can take advantage of the touch panel to make it easier.

There will also be three types of high contrast to highlight the colors. In addition to auditory options to help elements that may go unnoticed:

High Contrast Activation Customization: This allows you to disable, enable, or always enable the option for normal gameplay only (this does not include cut-scenes). The way will automatically turn off when opening a settings menu or the character menu. You can also turn the high contrast mode on or off by swiping on the touchpad for added convenience.

High Contrast Color Customization: Select a color palette based on your playstyle and define specific colors for characters, enemies, and items.

High Contrast Background Customization: Independently adjust the contrast levels of the mid and dark tones in the background.

Navigation Assist: This new camera navigation system lets you orient your view towards the compass target. When not in combat, the navigation assist button will point your eyes in the direction of the following story objective.

Movement Assist – You can now automate actions like jumping over chasms, climbing over obstacles, or climbing walls based on the direction you tilt the joystick.

Extra Assist: Add interaction-based moves like climbing, crouching, or sneaking through gaps.

Auditory Cues – We’ve associated auditory cues with in-game interactions. When you use this feature, you’ll hear when an interaction icon is nearby or activates a button prompt.