Genshin Impact has many characters to choose from, but only a few of them will get into your team. Heizou was a character who remained a mystery until Hoyoverse showed his screensaver to version 2.7. Due to his traditional Japanese style, a small confusion arose with respect to what type of weapon used Hidezo.

HEIZOU Is an Anemo Character?? We can get Ready For Him! Heizou LEAK

What type of weapon uses Hezou?

Headzou catalyst user who has an ANEMO power to destroy his enemies. On his screensaver, you probably noticed something like a sword on his thigh, but in fact it is a decorative detail called Jitte . Hezo does not use Jitte for attacks and instead prefers to solve problems with martial arts.

Hezo attacks using his fists and legs to bring down a flurry of kicks and blows fed anemo on his opponents. This is like a YaE attacks with a ritual stick instead of its catalyst. He is not only the first man-catalyst in the game, but also the only character who fights using a fist instead of weapons.

Heizou support character or dps?

Heizou is a four -star character who has a kit who seems to be inclined to ensure that it is DPS . Heizou had a leak of his statistics and attacks by Sartakvo on Reddit, which shows that his constellations are aimed at providing him with Buffs while he is on the field.

His spontaneous skill hit the rumors made to help Heizo get damage, and has both an attack by touch and retention. He will also receive the effect of declination when the attack is held to help him inflict a stronger blow next time he uses his skill. This effect can currently be summed up to four times.

In addition, its spontaneous explosion wind blow is largely focused on applying damage to the field and created for interaction with other elements that can be tightened and applied by the exploding rainbow shell of Windmuster on opponents affected by Hydro, Pyro, Cryo or Electro.

This means that Heiso currently has no abilities that could help with support outside the field.

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