Who is the BEST Healer in Cookie Run Kingdom? (GUIDE)
You will need to create a strong and balanced team if you want to succeed in Dislyte. An important member of any detachment of Esper is your healer. Dislyte has eleven healers, and although everyone has their own application, some are better than others. We have listed all the healers in Dislyte and their ratings below.

All healers in Dislyte

which healer should I use in Dislyte?

The choice between the doctors can be quite complicated, but some obvious options overshadow the rest. The best healer in Dislyte is Sally , which is a character that you must unlock and improve. But if you do not have Sally, there are other options.

Other options for a good healer would be th Sukhua , factory and Clara . Finally, Heng Yue and Chan Pu – excellent options for doctors at the beginning and middle of the game, but in the end you should strive to replace them with one of the best healers in Dislyte.

It should be noted that Dislyte has several game modes, characters and synergies. This means that one healer can achieve more success in certain situations compared to another. For this reason, we recommend that you have several detachments or create your own team corresponding to a certain game mode.

You can also have several healers in your detachment, although we recommend limiting your support only by two members. It can also be better to have an appointed doctor and one support of support, which specializes in buffs.

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