The celebration of Star Wars in Fortnite finally began. As part of these celebrations, you need to complete several quests. However, some of these quests include communication with NPC-shitty on the island. There are only three places where these imperial attack aircraft appear. This is where you can find them.

The location of the imperial attack aircraft Fortnite

As mentioned earlier, there are three places where these imperial attack aircraft appear. These places are as follows:

  • On the road leading north from Koni-Crossrog.
  • On the northern road leading from a fat grove.
  • To the southeast of The Joneses.

The map above will help you easily find these imperial attack aircraft. These NPCs sell epochal blader rifle E11 for 100 gold . They also offer a reward for killing an accidental enemy player. As soon as you complete the award, you will receive 75 gold . At the same time, the Missions of Star Wars will be available within 12 days. And for each completed mission associated with the Star Wars, you will be rewarded XP. So what are you waiting for, Looper? Find imperial attack aircraft and fight the threat of IO. Good luck!

Fortnite Complete the Star Wars May the 4th Quests Challenges Guide - Chapter 3 Season 2
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